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Forbidden vs Fireball!

3rd Apr 2019, 12:10 PM in Aventurine Sea Scroll
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Forbidden vs Fireball!
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CrosEL 3rd Apr 2019, 12:10 PM edit delete
Showing the difference between Magic and none magic users: As you might've already noticed- Desi and other guys at Novae Astra are buffed, while the computer club users are normal. Except for the goblin... When text is added, I'll add emphasis on the fact that the goblin takes magic, too.

Later, I'm planning on explaining that the Mana inside everybody is like a muscle, in not only needing the user at decent health-but also works out the user's body, everytime they use it. This is the reason most of the Magic users are huge, or at very least: Perfectly fit...