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The White Demon

by CrosEL
My friend (She's black and most certainly not a demon!) made me a chart to help me when making a character: the White Demon part refers to a story that's coming up inmy head, that I might do sometime later... But as for now, so I won't forget to keep it later:

BASIC INFO- Nickname(s):
Hero Name(s):
Fake Name/former names(s): [this can be used if your character is constantly changing identities]
Real Name: (birth name)
Age/ D.O.B:
Death Date: (when and how do they die?)
Weight: Height: Likes: Dislikes:
EDUCATION INFO- Education level:
Education history: (what schools have they attended? What were they like in school?)
Close teachers/principala/ect.:
Most hated teachers/principala/ect.:
SOCIAL INFO- Close friend(s)/ circle of friends:
Former friends:
Feelings: (how do they feel about their friends? Are their friends good friends, or bad ones? Do they feel safe around their friends, or are they a re nervous wreck around them? Is the character always pressured into doing something they don't want to do? Or are they put down always? Ect.):
Idol (who do they look up to?):
Bully (who puts then down?):
FAMILY LIFE: (is the character adopted?):
Parent(s): (alive or deceased?)
Sibling(s): Sibling(s): (alive or deceased?)
Grandparent(s): Grandparent(s): (alive or deceased?)
Uncles: Uncles: (alive or deceased?)
Aunt(s): Aunt(s): (alive or deceased?)
PERSONALITY- 1. Main traits: how do they act in front of their EVERYONE?
2. Family personality: how do they act in front of their FAMILY?
3. Friend(s) personality: how do they act in front of their FRIEND(S)
4. Crush/ lover/spouse: how do they act in front of their LOVER?
5. Alone: how do they act when they're alone?
Quirks: (list off things your characters does that would be considered weird among society. They could do these things in front of other ppl, or alone, based on situations): HOME INFO: Current place of residence(s): (they could live in two places at the same time if they travel back and forth, ect.) Former place of residence(s):
Street name and house number (of current home):
FEARS: List of fears Worst fear: deep fears: (fears they hide from others)
 APPEARANCE: Style of clothing?: (look up stores your character might shop at. Do they like loose or tight clothing?):
Normal clothes: (what do they normally wear?):
Night clothes: (what do they wear at night?): "Sunday best" clothing:
LIFESTYLE: (are they active or lazy?) Daily routine: (what does your character do everyday?) Distinguishing marks: (ex. Tattoos, scar)
SLEEP- What position do they sleep in: the fetal position, the "log"? (Look here for more info: ): [Personally, I sleep in the "starfish" position-- I always wake up sprawled on my bed in all different directions XD ]
Sleeping patterns: Night activities: (do they go out? Read?)
FOOD Favorite food of all times!: Worse food of all times!:
Favorite flavors: (vanilla, apple, grape, ect.)
Worst flavors: Favorite textures: (soft, hard, dry, moist)
HEALTH: Sickly or healthy: Health history: Health problems after immediate birth:
Skin condition(s): (ex: vitiligo)
Mental health: (examples: PTSD, depression, ect.)
Eating disorder(s): (example: anorexia, ect.)
MARRIAGE LIFE: Happily married?: (yes, no? Why?)
Kids: Date of anniversary:
Date of engagement:
Date of wedding:
Date of divorce:
How did they meet?:
What do they do for fun?:
Is there a sub/dom. In the relationship ship?:
Are they innocent or not?:
What kind of life they dream of?:
What kind of live are they living:
**use this is a character is cheating-> history of affairs:
That's the list she sent: as for the other news... I cme up with a idea while playing Fantasy Life-if all goes well, uou'll see a prototype of it here!

Magickal Heroes!

by CrosEL

As of the moment, I'm trying to do one-shots of 2 different comics. Once I'm finished, I'll ask people to look at both and see which one would be more successful. Which ever one recieves the best reviews, will be a whole comic in-and-of itself. 


by CrosEL

I got a code from someone, that would enable the Transcript for Star Eater! This'll help alot if it works, as Both one-shots I've posted, NEED the graphic Novel look to it...

<button title="Transcript" type="button" style="width:150px;" onclick="if(document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=='none') {document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=''}else{document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display='none'}">Transcript</button>
<div id="spoiler" style="display:none; width:800px;">


Here's hoping it works, though... I'd have to redo everything from scartch!

Magik Spells

by CrosEL

Found the perfect page for the Aventurine comic, thanks to a specific thread! Whenever I do it:

Magical Aventurine Magica?

by CrosEL

As you can tell from the Nightmare Chapter, I might be planning on making a pilot for something magical? But... I'm having trouble coming up with a magic language, so I asked for help! Fortunately, I got lots of suggestions, and will be studying a little! If it goes alright, a one-shot of a magic story might appear here!


Like before, ANY donations are gladly accepted! I'm still wondering if I should do the other thing, or even go through with this? 


The languages I'm studying are: Olde-English, Akkadian and Egyption!

Kinshin CrosEl

by CrosEL

AsuraKami Blog!

I think I got everything ready, for those who want to donate or help with the story

(aka: Lucky☆Star and Soul Eater fans), please tell me if you wanna donate!


by CrosEL

I'm trying to fix the site for this one, but am having trouble with it... I originally wanted Lucky☆Star and Soul Eater references... but... I might not be able to get it all here as I wanted. So far... the only thing working right is the Art Gallery thing... Hopefully this changes soon... AND I get chance to change it...

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