A Miiverse Comic



Scene opens to a team of knights rushing through a forest: the leader turns toward the others and asks with a smile

Meoldi: Are you ready, everyone!?

Princess Selene: Yes, Mr Melodi♪!

Hann: Yeah captain♪

Circlet: Let's hurry and save him!

Dawn: Let's go♪!

Melodi: Exactly what I wanna here!

They continue, until they see a suit of armr! Light emits from it's helmet and joints as it staggers, then falls... 

Melodi: There he is, we can save Garret!

A arrow strikes the ground!!! The team looks up to see LionsRoar drop from the sky!

Melodi: So he WAS followed!

Ronald: Yeah, this man's a criminal! Why're you even protecting him?!

Melodi: He's a person! A innocent one!

Dawn: Yeah, you're the murderers!

Skald: You fools! LionsRoar our soldiers of our nation's army! We're not the badguys!!

Fitzgerald: Yes, stand down or we'll take you in, too!

Circlet: Why don't you?! From what we saw, Garret's just passing through!

Graybeard: And from what WE SAW, people didn't start dying until he DID!

Melodi: You still can't prove who murdered anyone!

Gamon: Come on captain, we're wasting time!

Ronald: I couldn't agree more!!

They charged the 5, they rush LionsRoar! Each blocked eachother from making a move! Melodi blocks Skald's blade with his hand! Dawn tries to crunch Gamon, as he blocks with a dagger! Circlet fires a magical beam, as Graybeard fires a magic-laser back! Han's stabbed by Fitzgerald, but he breaks the blade! Ronald laughs as he pulls out a bow...

Ronald: You can't do anything, can you princess?


Ronald: then just watch as we kill these brainwashing criminals, then we'll take you back home... 

At the same time this happened: A boy was playing near the woods... when he saw the armour!

Ever: !!!?

It staggers away, he curiously follows it...

Ever: What is it?... It looks dangerous... but I feel the need to follow it?..

Minutes later, Ever notices the 5 fighters and hid as the fight broke out! He over hears something about someone being in the armour...

Ever: Maybe I should warn him? He could run while nobody's looking?

Ever tugs on the arm...

Ever: ...Garret?...

Now, Ronald leers as he fires - at the same moment, Ever is blinded by the colorful light emitted from the armour! Melodi then stops fighting, this act causes his team and LionsRoar to stop, too... and wonder at what he saw...
The arrow's caught by Ever... his black, curly hair, turns straight and rainbow colors, shifting through every color until it lands on a purplish shade... Everybody awes at him as he calmly keeps the flaming arrow in his hand...

Ever: Human beings always strive for something bigger than them, science, religion... to mere professionalism and perfection, to even their own egos. They're constantly aiming for goals that are un-attainable, due to their nature. This is the reason why they die, both the offenders and the innocent, the very birth of another human being only further taints what little good there is left...

Ever stares emotionlessly at the people...

Scene opens to now, gangsters shoot at cops, who're hiding behind their squad car. Meanwhile, a gangster rapes a woman as another holds a gun up her husband's neck! He watches in anger with tears in his eyes, until he finally breaks out of his hold!!

Man: STOP IT!!!

The other gangster shoots him, while his comrade gets of the woman and pistol-whips her out

Gangster1: Idiot!

Gangster2: Haha! At least I got my turn, ya wanna go before...

The others arrive...

Gangster3: Come on, we gotta get back!

Gangster1: A'ight, yall ain't did no dumbshit, agin, did ya?!

Gangster4: You know it, boy! Ha!

Scene cuts to inside a arcade, they others arrive with the woman in tow...

Gangster1: Yo boss, we got ya another one!

A fat blond man turns around...

Frank: Yeah, yeah... Oh ho SHIT!

He grabs her by her hair and looks at her unconscious, tear-staimed face...

Frank: Exactly what I want too, boys! Good work!

Another Gangster listens from behind a arcade machine as they finish

Gangster2: I broke her in for ya too, boss!

Frank: I see, hope she still got some fight left! Hahaha!

Gangster5: Um... boss? Maybe we should...

He stops playing, and is shot immediately in the head...

Frank: I don't tolerate anybody goin' fuckin' soft! Somebody git that lump of garbage outta here!!

He drags the woman away... Scene cuts to the mayor's office, a small handful of people are standing in front of the mayor...

Sheriff: Sir, we're getting so many complaints as of late...

Mayor: I know, the SharkTeeth are getting worse and worse!! But what the hell am I suppose to do? You're the sheriff!

Sheriff: We, ...we don't have the equipment needed to stop them!

Assistant: Mr Puccini, we have to do something! Our over all city values going down!

They all stop as they hear the door opening, and turn to see Ever... He's 5'6 now, and wearing glasses...

Ever: I've seen the gang problem... let me stop them, mayor Puccini.

Mayor: Wha??! Alright, IF you think you can... I'll pay anything!!! Even $100,00!

Ever: I don't need money, it would be stolen anyway. Instead give me that in food and water... and save the of it for clothes...

Mayor: ...alright... Um? If that's what you want..

Ever leaves the office... The mayor turns toward his assistant...

Mayor: Sara, who was that? 

Assistant: He looks like that boy that went missing a few years ago... but it couldn't...

Sheriff: Yeah, ...a "Last Ever"? The Last's reported him missing 6 years ago, but that COULDN'T be him... he looks too different and clean to be a missing child... you'd expect... not that, from someone lost or kidnapped for years...

Scene cuts to later at the arcade, gangsters are either playing games, or smoking... until Ever opens the door!! They all aim their guns at him as he says...

Ever: You've raped and murdered the peace of this city, and your only action has been to sit back and "reward" yourselves for your "hardwork". If you stop your life of crime, now... then peace can be found by the people and you yourselves...

Gangster8: Burn to hell

Gangster2: Light 'em up!!!

They all shoot him!!! Ever shakes violenty and falls...

Gangster4: Dumbass, punk!

Gangster3: Dropped like a lil' bitch!

Ever stands... everybody awed as he stretched..

Ever: Sorry, when dodging bullets, one must fluidly move their body when they're coming at the same time..

He drops several on the floor...

Ever: I even caught a few when they almost hit me..

Some Gangsters angrily ready their guns again, others almost run... Ever suddenly rushes them, murdering most via punching through their chests, or using one the dead's guns against another! One gangster's left standing... Ever turns towards him..

Gangster9: Wh, what the hell are you?!

Ever: A teenager like you... Unlike you, I haven't associated myself with people who torture people for fun...

Gangster9: I, I didn't do that shit! I wasn't into it!

Ever: But you helped them... you watched it, when you had a murder weapon on hand...

He zooms to the gangster and punched him out... Scene cuts to outside of the arcade...

Frank: Come on, wake up! Them muffled screams are th' best!!

The woman wakes up to see herself tied to a chair, and gagged!


Frank: Yeah, I'm hard as shit, now!

Ever walks outside...

Ever: Even after you destroyed many young lives, you've shatter even more with the your pastime...

Frank quickly turns around!

Frank: I thought I heard gunshots in there!!? How the hell are you back here?!!

Ever: The children you used relied on their "power" as a gang to stop me, and are now dead...

Frank: The fuck??! I have no idea what you've did, but you're going to get fucked!!!

Frank whips out a gun! Ever stares at him...

Ever: You heard many gunshots before and still would use a gun?

Frank: Damn you!!!

He shoots, Ever swereves around the bullets, Franky quickly whips out his dagger!!

Frank: This guy's a fuckin' freak! But I dealt with 'em before!!!

He quickly spun to stab him, Ever blocks the man's attack via catching his arm with both of his, he holds him in place and tries to puch the knife back, until he suddenly pushes through Frank!!

The woman's eyes widened to see the knife inside the fence surrounding the area!!?

Ever: I meant to bring you in, so you could be tormented by the children's parents. But I still don't have much control over my powers...


Ever turns toward her..

Ever: I almost forgot...

He walks to and unties her, then ungags her! She immediately gets back!!!

Woman: Wh, wha, what are you?!!!

Ever: Only me... Forever only me...

Scene cuts to the mayor's office later, the Mayor's talking to someone else... when.. Ever enters the room... blood drips off his hands as he stands in front of the desk...

Ever: Their gone... I'd like my reward...

Mayor: Wha?!! THAT fast?! What do y...

He sees the blood on his hands...

Mayor: Uh... Sheriff... go get the foodstuffs... and clothing..

Sheriff: R, r, right away?

Ever: Don't worry about where to deliver, leave the sack or boxes it's in by the office: I'll take it home myself...


Scene opens to Ever dropping a box near a tent... 

Ever: Now I'll just need to get my clothes, and no more awkward trips to the cleaners or me...

Scene cuts to him going back to the mayor's office, when he notices a policeman gesturing for him to come... Scene cuts to inside the office...

Policeman1: We heard of your deeds earlier today!

Ever: It already ot around?

Policeman1: Well, around here! The rest of the city don't know yet! We're glad no one has to deal with it anymore!

Ever: Good...

Policeman: In fact, we have a lil' gift for you...

They walk into a empty room, then more cops come in behind him... Ever watches the policeman's face change from a creepy smile, to a dark glare...

Policeman1: What the fuckin' hell ya think you are, boy?!

Ever: A person...

The policeman pistol-whips him!

Policeman1: Don't get smart with me, boy! Ya know what you did, right?!

Ever: I think you have a different answer than what I actually have done?

Policeman4: WE were gonna stop them! The ShrakTeeth were OUR priority!

Policeman3: Until some stupidass vigilante stole the spotlight!

Policeman1: What the hell people gonna think if some punk did something that doesn't concern him!?

Ever: You were too afraid to stop them, plus: you've been praying on the citizens too, through false citations.

Policeman1: You stupidass...

He prepares to pull out his billyclub... when Ever stares...

Ever: If you're going to attack, then I'll have to defend myself. I was going to skip you guys, as I thought you weren't as bad, but every move you make, proves me right about you.

The policeman swings, Ever caught the club! Causing the others to draw their guns!!!


Ever: When he's mad enough to kill me?

The policemen start shooting!! Smoke fills the room, they stop to see Ever standing back up...

Ever: You've all tried to kill me... so it's fair for me to kill you...

He drops the bullets, a scared policeman shoots again! Ever's head goes back... but he lifts it again to reveal he caught the bullet in his teeth... then spits it out... The police back back... but Ever zooms to them, punching through their bulletproof vests and living fatal injuries! He also fires with the very guns they used to shoot at him, until one cop's left... he runs to the door... but it's locked!!

Ever: One of you locked it... or it was ruined in the gunfight... I might've even locked it a few seconds ago...

Policeman8: S, s, stay away!!! Why did you do this?! Th, this is insane!!!

Ever: Why did you try to kill me? Why are you abusing the little "power" you have? Why would you continue what you've done here if you live? And why'd you take part in this?

He punched through the man... then breaks the lock...


Scene opens to Ever looking at the boxes near his tent...

Ever: Now I can finally change clothes... No more standing around naked...

He then notices a newspaper fly by... he grabs it and reads something...

Ever: Silverside... it's south of here, right?

Chapter:1 2nd part

Scene opens to A woman entering a bedroom, then turning on a light!

Mrs Nova: Wake up, honey! It's 8:00!

A blonde pops up from undercovers..

Sari: OK... I'm up!

Scene cuts to later that day, it shows Sari playing with younger children... Then cuts to that evening, her father walks to her as she heads to her bedroom 

Mr Nova: Honey, are you sure you want to keep doing this? It's summer vacation: you should be out playing with kids your age!

Sari: It's OK, daddy! I like them! Besides, you and Mommy need me, right?

Mr Nova: Yeah, we always will♪! It's your choice, though.. Even when you do move on, remember we both love and support you!

Sari: I know, I love you guys, too♪!

Scene cuts to the next day, Mrs Nova enters Sari's bedroom again...

Mrs Nova: Honey, time...

She stares in horror...

Mrs Nova: Sari?? AAAH!

Scene cuts to days later, 2 men sit on the grass in Silverside, surrounded by instruments...

Mario: Fuck it, Luigi! How the hell we gon' get outta this hole!?

Luigi: I,I don't know, Mario! I asked dat woman SO MANY times is there at least vacation time in that contract, but...

Mario: Damn... next time, we gettin' a goddamn nerd to do this shit for us! Then...

He suddenly notices 

Mario: H, h, hey! Is THAT Elliott?

Mr Nova drags by... The brothers wave at him...

Mario: Hey, still no luck?

Mr Nova: No... the police have no idea what happened.. we haven't seen Sari in days...

Luigi: They haven't looked outside of... Silverside?!

Mr Nova: No... they can't: it'll be out of their jurisdiction.. so... But everyone else believes "they" took her...

Mario: Oh shit... Who cares about jurisdiction, then?! They need to get over there!

Mr Nova: They won't... Dang it, I can't go myself, either!! I'm not a fighter! ...Forget it, see you later...

He dragged away, Luigi watches

Luigi: Damn, Mario... That's some rough shit, havin' yo babygirl gone and crap...

Mario:  Forget him, we got our problems ta worry about!

Ever steps up to them in cargo pants!

Ever: What problems?

Mario: Oh... you wouldn't be interested, kid! Grown up stuff sucks! Jus' remember that!

Luigi: Yeah kid, forget whatever ya were gonna ask...

Ever: Maybe I could help? I'm taking classes in law...

The brothers look at each other and shrug...

Mario: What'll hurt? We're stuck in a contract over there at the blockbusta studio!

Luigi: Yeah, that lady in there got us ina contract that's gonna keep us here until we need walkers again!

Ever: Well, let me talk to her: maybe I can ease her out of the idea of holding you prisoner...

Ever leaves as they watch...

Mario: Ya think somethin'll happen?!

Luigi: I don't know, but it's worth a shot if we can finally get outta this place!

Scene cuts to Ever entering the blockbusta studio... and walking up to a woman behind a desk...

Ever: Excuse me...

Sally: Huh? What do ya want, kid?

Ever: I want to know about a show that plays here, I believe tit's 2 man band?

Sally: Oh... The Blues Bros? Yes, our most famous act.. You can catch them tonight @7:00!

Ever: No... it's about them leaving their contract...

Sally frowns...

Sally: That's not possible... why do you care about it anyway?

Ever: Because it traps 2 human beings into doing something for literally the rest of their lives: obviously, neither saw the fine print and chose to do this. And you know full well that this is wrong...

Sally: It's a common thing, ...and it's none of your business anyway!

Ever pulls out a gun...

Ever: Rip up the contract, I know it's here: those men seem too laid back to actually look for it, so you never had to hide it..

He hears a gun click behind him!!


Ever speaks as he readies to shoot...

Ever: You know it's wrong to hold human beings as tools or slaves, just as it is to buy and sell them as livestock. Neither one of them seem very educated in this, so you took advantage of them. Contracts are suppose to be a deal, not binds that that holds humans in place as your personal puppets. You and anyone who supports this, should die for believing your own life is worth more than theirs. 

Policeman: I SAID DROP THE GUN!!!

Sally: The police are coming, you idiot!!

Ever clicks his gun, many gunshots can suddenly be heard!!! The smoke clears to reveal Sally and the policeman dead...

Ever: It's upsetting that dodging caused him to kill the very person he attempted to protect, and using his bullets left himself open...

He walks to the door

Ever: It's also sad that their's families relying on crooked people like them, but anyone who DOES support this manipulation of others, should suffer as they let them torment others.

Scene cuts to Mario and Luigi talking, until Ever steps to them again...

Ever: I talked it over with her, and...

He rips the contract!

Mario: Hell yeah!

Luigi: Seriously, it was just that easy?!

Mario: Stop lookin' the fuckin' gift horse... kid, in th' mouth!

Ever: Yes... no need to go in there. Go and spread your talent with the world.

Mario: Thanks kid!

Luigi: Yeah, thank you!

The brothers get packed and head towards their bus... Ever turns to leave, but is greeted by a cop!!

Policeman16: GET ON THE GROUND!!!

Ever: Why? What have I done?

Policeman16: You know what you did! We gotta alert from the Blockbusta studio, and I see a ripped contract on the ground: you're a idiot who signed something and stole that, huh!!?

Ever: No, I helped others get out of their contract. If you'd excuse me...

Policeman16: I SAID GET ON THE GROUND! That's your last warning!

Ever quickly whips out a gun, the policeman fires!!! Many gunshots can be heard, causing people to run... the smoke clears to reveal Ever still in the same stance as before... the policeman stares in awe..

Policeman16: Wh.. what happened!?

Ever: I predicted where you'd shoot, and blocked every shot with my own bullets...

The policeman falls on his knees in shock... as Ever walks to him...

Policeman16: Wha??! is that...

Ever: Now, since you tried to kill me, I should kill you. Not only for that fact, but to ensure my own livelihood... but... I need to ask a question...

Policeman16: No!! Y, y, you're still a criminal! I'm not helping you!!!

Ever puts his gun on his forehead....

Ever: You have family, right? Your own, your parents... probably friends, too? Remember that they need you for monetary or relationship necessity... then answer: What's your lead on the missing people's cases? I saw it in a newspaper that this has been happening for weeks, it's on the News, too...

Policeman16: !!? Wh.. what?! Alright, okay, okay... um... we think there's nearby town that has a cult thig going, but we can't go over there without real proof and it's out of our jurisdiction! Everybody, even the citizens think it's them! B, but... our hands our tied!

Ever: I should kill you, you're exactly like the police from Goldfield... But, I believe your family's more important to you han revealing my face, getting revenge or continuing being a crooked cop...

Sirens suddenly wail!!! the policemen hears a click and closes his eyes!! Then opens them to see the police cars... and Ever already gone??? Scene cuts to the Novas' house... Ever knocks on the door... Mrs Nova answers...

Mrs Nova: Ah... hello??? What can I do for you?

Ever: I'm with a News group: I was wondering if you can divulge anything else you know about a cult, that's supposedly near here?

She gasped... then says..

Ms Nova: Come in...

Scene cuts to inside a empty room... she then explains...

Mrs Nova: As you already know, there's a group northeast of here I think... called the AzureDevil... in Lactealville. ...People knew the cult was starting, but didn't take it too seriously, beause of how it was advertised.. but... as of late.. I don't want to say they ARE doing it, or that anyone would kidnap children for sacrifices, but... everybody's saying it's them...

Ever: So you believe it MIGHT in fact be the obvious option: occultist are stealing children from areas close o them, and the police aren't trying to fix it?

Mrs Nova: Yes... yes.. no! I believe they're doing everything they can, my husband is broken up about the situation. But... he, he needs to believe too, that our daughter's guardian angel will protect her!

Ever: Alright.. I have what I need... Thank you...

He stands 

Ever: Excuse me, I have to get back to work...

Mrs Nova: Oh yes... alright...

Scene cuts to outside... near Lactealville... Ever stares at a area sprawled out in front of him..

Ever: It seems as if there WAS bridges leading to the place, but they're all broken down. I'm unsure what happened to me, so I have no idea if I can swim or not, it'll be safer to find a way around this...

Scene cuts to Lactealville, a occult member walks up to a citizen... 

Azurecultist3: Hey, we gotta sacrifice for the dark lord tonight!

Citizen: Then why haven't we done anything yet?

Azurecultist3: Because he hasn't made a appearance yet, the body and blood has to be fresh, so...

Citizen: Then hurry and summon him, it's a pain to have stand watch over the prisoners all the time! And nobody wants to go back and forth, either!

Azurecultist3: Alright, you lazy punk, I'll tell the others to bring more offerings and crap...

Scene cuts to later, Ever steps into Lactealville... everything's painted blue, even the humans and animals..??

Ever: It seems like the whole place's in a trance...

He passes by several citizens, all glare at him as he walks into a store...

Ever: Excuse me, sir... do you sell loaves of bread?

Shopowner: Another tourist?! Come here!!

Ever walks to the counter as the man whispered loudly!

Shopowner: Get the fuck out of here! These people are fuckin' crazy!!!

Ever: They are? What exactly is going on?

Shopowner: The occult! It started as some trend shit, then got to this! The whole town's fucking crazy, they even take kids and shit!

Ever: Where do they take them?

Shopowner: To the a place through the cave outside... wait, don't look!!! They'll fuckin' kill you if they see you! Hell, they'd kill me if I didn't pretend to join them: I didnt do any of the shit they do, but I told them my monies are all for the cult, so at least they don't go crazy right away... But you need to get out before they do!!

Ever: I will, thank you...

He turns to see a citizen walk in, in bluepaint... the owner starex ahead in the same spaced-out look... Ever leaves the place... Scene cuts to a plateau on the other side of the cave... Ever walks inside the onky building there... and sees a cell with Sari trapped inside!!

Sari: !! Who are you?..

Ever: I'm here to free you.. 

He grabs the bars... Sari looks up in fear

Sari: Don't! Even if you really could bend them. they did something strange to the bars! You need the key!

Ever: Where's the key?

Sari: Their leader, Carson has it... I overheard he's in a the blue church... but I haven't seen it, yet...

Ever: Then I'll go get it...

Sari: Um... I'm not sure how you got here, but could you please not call the police?

Ever: You don't trust the cops, either?

Sari: It's not that... I think they'd hurt everybody... I'm, not sure if anyone's doing what they want in this situation... Even if they hurt me, I can stand if seeing anyone else being hurt...

Ever: I'll try to get the key without hurting them...

Sari: Thanks!, you never told me your name?

Ever: Ever... 

Sari: ? I'm Sari! have a unique name!

Ever: I know... I can't remember if it's my real name or a nickname though...

Scene cuts to later, in front of a a blue church...

Ever: That has to be it...

Scene cuts Occult members praying.. until  He walks inside... They all turn to see Ever glaring...

AzureOccultist8: Who are you?!

AzureOccultist5: Yeah... you're a outsider, aren't you?!

Ever: And you're all sociopaths, bent on a goal that surrounds killing children and assimilating others into your beliefs. Even if this wasn't directly demonic, forcing your beliefs on others is sinful. Especially in this case, if you want to be accepted by society, then you'd need to peacefully exist with others or compromise. Not join a organization or movement that includes you doing something heinous.

The members all pull out guns and knives... Ever stares at them...

AzureOccultist6: We don't need a lecture, your with us, or against us!

Ever: Then, I have no other choice...

He whips out a gun, but is shot at before he can draw!!! He shakes violently and falls on the floor!

AzureOccultist4: I can't believe he truly believed he'd be able to shoot in here?!
AzureOccultists9: Yeah, even IF he shot one person, we had him!!!

Ever stands up, they stare in awe as he drops bullets from his hand...

Ever: I have caught them, but one must be fluid in order to do this...

A AzureOccultist suddenly charged him with a knife, Ever shoots him...

Ever: You know have a gun... In fact, you should let me by, I only wish to see Mr Carson...

They all pull out more weapons... Ever sighs as he pulls out another gun, then walks forward, shooting and shaking violently from each shot... This continues until he gets to the other side of the room... He then spits out bloodied bullets and continues forward...Scene cuts to inside the room, lightning suddenly strikes him, but nothing happens... Carson glared at him..

Carson: The dark lord gave me power to destroy any opponent, so why do you still stand!?

Ever: Because I know what this power is: I've been to your jailhouse, and noticed the bars shocked me... I suspected something was running through the bars, but wasn't sure what, due to their being no visible signs of power in the building, so... I simply tied a rock to me, about the size of a bicycle-tire... in case your occultists could perfom this, too...

Carson: So?! The rest of your body's open!!!

Ever: As is your most vital pont: once a wring your neck, you'll realize manipulating people is wrong.

Carson: Shut up! This shit's harped for years, I can do whatever I want!

Ligtning suddenly strikes at Ever, the teen quickly circles it, and punched Carson!!! The man parrys by swinging quickly, knocking Ever backwards!

Ever: Surprising, I never expected someone in your position to fight..

Carson: Correction, I have to know how to fight off non-believers like you! Basic martial-arts is imperative to this! Now die!

Carson prepares to call lightning again, but Ever shoots him... The man fell as the teen stood and steps over his body...

Carson: Da.. lo.. d.. B...

He dies... Ever then searches his body...

Ever: I didn't expect anyone else to have any powers...  I thought I was the only one who received them at the cost of my memory... but, this man seemed to believe in a Dark lord who apparently gave Electrokinesis. That explains what he did to the bars, and why he could create lightning in a room with no conditions to do so otherwise...

He grabs the keys and leaves back into the other room, and quickly dodges a swing from a occult member!!

AzureOccultist4: Wh... what did you do t, to pur leader?!

Ever: It seems as if his psychic power wasn't used on you, you're doing this by choice... So I'll have no choice...

Ever aims the gun at the members, and cracked his knuckles as he looks at the other surviving AzureOccultists... Scene cuts to later, in the powerless building... He opens the door...

Ever: I have the key...

Sari: Thanks so much, Ever♪!

She notices the blood on his hands...

Sari: Did you...kill them?...

Ever: I'm sorry... They wouldn't let me leave...

Sari:'s OK... I forgive you...

Ever: Do you still want me to take you home? It's safe in the rest of the town, they were brainwashed like you said... only the people in costumes were voluntarily doing what they were doing...

Sari: Yeah... 

She picks up a teddybear and leaves with him... Scene cuts to back in Silverside, he holds her hand as he walks to the bushes...

Sari: We're not going around our block?

Ever: If you don't want to see violence, then we have to go this way...

Scene cuts to Ever and Sari in her home, Mr and Mrs Nova both hugged their daughter!!!

Mrs Nova: We missed you SO much! I knew you'd be safe!!

Mr: Nova: I can hardly believe!! I already gave up...

They stand as she says

Mrs Nova: So you weren't really a just a employee?

Ever: No... I work undercover for the FBI, I couldn't blow my cover here until I found her and stopped their occult activities.

Sari stares at him... then smiles 

Sari: Thanks again, what can we do to thank you!?

Mr Nova: Yes! I have money, we could treat you to dinner! Anything?!

Ever: It's OK... I really have to go back..

Sari: Don't be shy, sir! Come to my room, I know what you'd want!

She grabs his hand and pulls him up, the parents look at each other and follow... Scene cuts to Sari's room, she's standing in a chair to take a sheathed sword off the wall...

Sari: Here! It'll probably look nice in your room, more?

Mrs Nova: Sari honey, are you sure?! That's been passed down through our family for ages!

Sari: I'm sure! I'm thankful for it, but I can't imagine actually using it...

Ever stares at it... then looks up at her 

Ever: Thanks, I'll take care of it...

Sari: No, thank you again, Mr! I hope you you never have to use it either...

Ever's bows, then turns to leave... Scene cuts to him standing outside, when Mario and Luigi drive by!

Mario: Hey it's that kid!!

Luigi: You gotta motha fuckin' sword there, kid?!

Ever: Yes... just as decoration, though...

Mario: Too bad, heheheh, I can think of a few people I'd like to use that on!

Luigi: Mario!!!

Marios: Oh yeah, ya wanna lift to th' next town?! 

Ever: Yeah... I'd like that.

Chapter:1 Part3

Scene opens to people running to a building at night, zombies give chase as the victims try to get in the building! More bust through the windows of the building, prompting them to run away... they near a circus tent in the open

Fern: H, hurry!!!

Theo: Get inside before they...

They rush in, but a zombie grabs her Fern's dress and tears it!!! She screams horrifically as they tug and pull on her, until Theo beats them back with a cane!!! Then pulls her in with the others!

Man4: Are you okay!!!

Theo: Y, yeah... physically... I think...

Woman: What's actually happening!!? Those aren't really... you know?!

Theo: Yeah, they are... We have zombies attacking our town!

Man6: I didn't notice until the electricity went out, it was hell but... I somehow made it here

Man3: For some reason they won't go near this tent...

Theo: Me and Fern just came back here, and we were ambushed! I... I can't beleive what... Fern?

They notice her shaking violently, they run to her and check her out, but... she dies...

Theo: DAMMIT! ...

Scene cuts to a day later, Ever's dropped off in Bronzevard....

Mario: Sorry kid, this is as far as we go! I ain't drivin' through this place!

Luigi: Eeeesh, we finally agree for once! I heard there's ghosts and shit here!

Ever: Ghosts??

Mario: I'm sure it's juat a superstition, but I ain't stayin' here ta see... You wouldn't wanna go too, would ya?

Ever: I'll be fine, thanks..

Luigi: You got BALLS kid!!

Mario: Stupid balls, let's go!!

They drive away... Ever walks around the city: until he sees a zombie staggering to him...

Ever: I wanted to find a hotel, but it seems like I can't rest yet...

He suddenly rushes and punched it's head... it falls as he stares at it...

Ever: That was too easy, even while holding back so I won't get it's zombie juice on me... I wonder why that worked?

He then sees the circus tent with zombies surrounding it... and hears yelling from inside!!

Theo: Kid, come over here!!!

Ever sees the man and ran pass the horde of zombies and into the circus tent, inside are two men and a woman sitting near a table..

Theo: What the hell are you doing out there kid??!!

Ever: I'm travelling...

Theo: Oh... I guess that means you you got trapped when you got here...

Theo walks back to others, who now lay dwn their weapons...  Ever watches him..

Ever: Sorry, but what's happening?

Theo: The start of a zombie apocalypse...

Man6: Yeah... We're stuck in, nobody gets out... There's no way we can even tell anyone what's happening.

Woman: Would you even believe everything was normal a few days ago? Then one day... this happens!

Ever: There's no indication of what could have happened? What caused the people of this town to act this way?

Man3: No... in all honestly, most of us are simply teachers. The most we knew was recent laws and the kids...

Ever: Kids?

Man3: Yeah.. I have a good class, but apparently, Theo had bad uns...

Theo: ...Yeah, I said that... but now I'd give anything to see them again, everybody's a damned zombie!

Ever: The entire town just transformed at some point?

Woman: A few days ago, ...the people started wimning the lottery, going on trips and everything... and immediately afterwards, this happened...

Man3: It's pointless to theorize on, but we all assumed after some point, that the government's doing this.. maybe whatveer happened upset some economic shit..

Theo: It doesn't matter... Why would they do this??!!! After a while, even we're gonna end up like Fern!

Ever walks closer..

Ever: Who's Fern?

Theo: Another teacher... and a friend... We were one of the last to know what was happeneing.. I thought we'd be safe in here, since they had guns, but...

Man6: We meant to get you guys, but it was all we could do to get spllies and hide..

Theo: I'm not blaming anybody.. it's... just that she and many others died wothout getting a chance to fight.. She had a heart attack as soon as we got in here...

He points just out the door..

Theo: The zombies don't come in here, nor do they come out in the day, so we took that time to bury her... We would've ran, too.. but they apparently hang out in the tunnels in the day...

Theo holds his face...

Theo: We're doomed, ...unless you have some idea how to get outta here and pass the...

Man3: Wait! He got in through a tunnel, right?

Theo: Yeah!! Kid, h, how did you get here?

Ever: By bus... but they dropped me off...

Theo: Oh... They moved? But if we go out now they're everywhere... our best bet's in the daylight when they're only in the tunnels...

Scene cuts to late at night... the other's are asleep in chairs around the table... Ever gets up and walks outside... Zombies are standing guard around the tent...

Ever: If someone IS raising the dead, then they have to be doing something with the bodies.. And it has to be in a graveyard..

The zombies leap at him, he easily pcnhes them out...

Ever: I'll continue holding back-if I get infected, I can't help them... Then again... Why didn't Fern raise from the dead, too?

He stares at the mound of fresh dirt near the tent... Scene cuts to later, in a graveyard.. The graves their are all dug up and coffins are everywhere, tombstones  are broken, too..

Ever: Strange.. It's only here, there's no epidemic or virus then, right? Or it wouldn't just be here, there couldn't be a witchdoctor here either...

He then sees a huge grave, with stairs descending into the hole... Scene cuts to later inside the dark grave... Ever holds a flashlight up to see, when suddenly zombies jump on him!

Ever: I'll need to hurry..

He slings it into the other coming at him, then rams it into a wall...

Ever: Good, neither opened up..

He continues down the grave, until he came into a somewhat lit room?

Ever: I can see in here?

Zombieking: You have saaaaaaw waaaay, tooooooo much!!

Steam rises form the floor and disperses to reveal a zombie head on a mass of mekdedtogether bodies!

Zombieking: How dare you you sneak into my kingdom, get him, subjects!

Zombies surround Ever, he starts punching them as they leap at him, one charged from behind, and Ever quickly turns to uppercut it! His hand goes through it and fresh blood sprays everywhere!!!!!?

Ever: I meant to hold back... then again.. Why is blood spraying out?

The zombies stop and start freaking out?? Then took off their masks, revealing a bunch of teenagers! The zombieking drops his mask, too.. revealing a jock..

Teen5: Dude, what the hell??!

Teen3: What did you do!!?

Teen8: You freak!!!!'re all kids... around my age... what's going on?

A teenager stomped to him 

Teen7: A joke, you idiot!!

Teen4: Yeah! It was just for fun!

Teen5: And you took it too far!!

Shana: Look... look, um... don;t hit me, please?? It's just, we were mad, okay?

Teen5: Yeah, we were tired of our teacher's shit, so we just had a little fun..

Josh: Yeah, then you had act like big mr hero and fucking killed Tim!

The teenagers watch Ever in fear and annoyance, until Ever asks...

Ever: Your teacger was a Mr Theo?

Teen5: Yeah... some of ours... h, how did you know?

Teen3: You're not from around here, right?

Ever: I met him and saw his nametag... I met a bunch of people...

Pat: No you didn't we faked a buncha lottery tickets to get most of the other outta here!

Josh punhed him

Josh: Shut up, idiot! Don't say nothin' about that part!

Ann: But we have to say something! This freak could be a cop!

She looks at EVer

Ann: Listen, we didn't hurt anyone! Whoever found out, just's in a warehouse on the other side of the "zombieking" body!

Josh: Shut the hell up!!!

Pat: But we gotta tell the police, stop tryna hide shit!

Teen4: Yeah, we ain't hidin' nothin'! We just having fun and nobody got hurt, what do we hafta be afriad of!!?

Ever: The fact that you killed people...

Teen3: Shut up, moron! Nobody died here, WE'RE the "deadpeople"!

Ever: Theo's best friend, Ms Fern has died...

The teen gasp and frown as ever continued 

Ever: So did many others, I guess you set up some scince-experiment like you did here, in the tunnels going in and out of here, in the daylight. Then at night, you take them down to hunt the town..  What you never noticed, is that they came out to bury their dead in the day... Not just her, but many other quickly made gravesites are around here...

Teen6: I... I thought we did that??

Teen3: You're bullshitting, someone did that, right?

None of the teens say anyting, most stare in fear until Ann asked 

Ann: Wait, how do you know they're gravesites?? Like, why would they be dead??

Ever: Fern died from a heartattack... I have to assume the others died from the exact same or similar conditions when they were scared to death...

Josh: So they died beacuse they're fucking soft!?

Teen6: Y, yeah! It's not our fault!

Teen:5 Yeah!

Ann: We... we didn't do it!

Teen7: Of course not!

Ever: SO none of you care that killed several innocent peopke?

Josh: We DIDN'T kill anybody! It's just a prank, bro!!

Ever takes his sheath off his back and slowly pulls out the blade...

Ever: Then you'll all die, pranks do nothing but torment those who didn't want to take part in them. They're OK with likeminded people, but in most cases, including this: I hate them. Besides this fact, you HAVE murdered sevreral people and no longer deserve your own lives.

Everybody stares in horror..

Pat: That's crazy! WE didn't do it!

Josh: Don't waste your breath, this fuck can't even get near us!

Teen3: Dude, you're taking this WAY too far, nobody killed anybody here, it's a mistake!

Shana walks to him...

Shana: it... i, if we really...

Josh snatched her away

Josh: What the hell, Shana!!!? Don't listen to this gay fucker!!!

Shana: B, b, but we...

Pat: He's crazy!! He's just a kid who thinks like a crazy old man!

Ever: You really think you haven't done anything wrong? Then... someone please give me a cellphone? I'll prove something to you...

Nobody moves... until Shana quickly ran to him and gives ever her's... she snatched back again as Ever speedials several numbers... Someone picks up...

Thoe:H, hello??

Ever:It's me...

Theo: That kid?? What the hell? Are you okay?! Why did you...

Ever: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm in a slight bind, who's phone are you using?

Theo: One of my student's mother's?? She... she died yesterday..

Shana gasps as Theo continued..

Theo: She returned earlier from her trip than the others, and the zombies scared her so badly ..she had a stroke before I could get her back to the tent.. Nevermind, whhere are you!

Shana breaks into tears as Ever  replies 

Ever: I found the kids..

Theo: You did??! Where are they???

Ever: Please use video-chat...

He points the phone up, the teachers can see the kids through the phone..

Woman: They're alive!!

Man3: I'm glad some of us survived!

Theo: ..But... what're they wearing??

Ever: They're wearing Zombie costumes, for whatever reason, they decided to prank you for several days without seeing the affects of what they're doing. The results been told to them, they've cause several deaths and nobody seems to care...

Theo: Wha???

Man6: No... what?? Kids... you..

Man3: They know they did it??

Woman: It's's lie, right?? You didn't kill them and ...what's...

Ever walks to a wall, and breaks a piece out, then sits the cell in it as they spoke... He then turns toward the teens

Ever: I'm serious, nobody cared except Shana, here.. 

He points his blade at them..

Ever: that's why they'll all die, they've commited murder and won't care about doing it again: evidence is how they're acting now after their first few kills.

Teen6: What?? How we're suppose to feel, cry??

Josh: Yeah, how we're suppose to feel bad if you're already blaming us for it!!?

Teen3: Yeah! You actually want to kill us for a prank!

Ever: I want to murder you, because you killed friends and family, and your pride's more important than having a shred of common sense..

he walks back to the group as the adults on the phone try to call him back... Shana suddenly breaks away from a teen and ran to him.. 

Shana: I don't care!!! I wanna see mom, again!!!

Ever: you will..

Ever only knocks her out, the other teens all leap at him, but are esaily murered via a spinattack! The adults can only watch and scream as he kills them all!! Until Josh fell over, then tries sneaking up on him... Ever calmly bifuricates him without turning around... then turns to leave...

Ever: I'll let the others out, they'll get Shana if you don't feel comfortable enough to come in the graveyard and get her...

Ever leaves...


Ever walks through Bronze and shaking the blood off his sword, Theo sees him and runs up behind him

Theo: Yo, you monster!!!

Ever turns around, causing him to slow up...

Ever: I'm sorry, but as I said, they didn't care. Proof of their feelings can be seen on the phone, right? You have feelings for them, but they WILL betray you without a thought...

Theo: They're KIDS!!! They didn't know, we could've got them therapy, counciling anything besides..

Ever: Besides murdering them? For whatever reason, they didn't care what they did... I'm sure either their parents or parental figures... or even lack thereof caused this... yet, if they're worth saving, then they'd been steered of the path that would lead to this, a long time ago... They never would have did this for whatever you did to them, unless you're comparing them to yourself, in this case, if they were just people.. then you and Fern would've deserved to die, too..

Theo growled as Ever adds 

Ever: You haven't killed anyone, and it's great you could frgive them. I'm saving you and the others who could've been victims in this from future horrors. If you had a child, would you still been this calm if they caused them to die? What if your child killed someone and didnt care? Would you show favortism and not be as mad now, as you are at me?/? If you're saying you're doing the right thing, and they're just kids, and therefore can't be held responsible for what they did, tehn by your own logic, the entire town should die..

Theo awe

Theo: Whaaat!!?

Ever: If being younger means your better, then you'd all die. If their inexperience means they can get away with this with their lives, and are "innocent" then the town dies, because no one knew they'd do this. Therefore, despite being innocent to this crime, they're still responsible for not raising them right, for not steerng them right, for not doing anything to prevent this from happening.. just as they deserve to die for killing people. Or should thieves and killers still do whatever they want, until they get tired? They didn't know any better and they'll only kill whoever tries to help them, but they're innocent to everything they;'ve done, right? Like the kids...

Ever stares at Theo... then turns to leave as Theo grimaced...


Scene opens up to a desert area... A man drives his dad back across the only road

Jonathan: I can't wait to get back!

Johosaphat: I know, son! There's no place like home!

Jonathan: Yeah.. I wonder what wos wrong with Bronze?

Johosaphat: I  have no idea, it's like a ghost town at the moment, though...

Doug: Stop being a pussy, Jnathan! You're bothering, dad!

Jonathan: I'm not,  wos just making a  statement! STop being a...

Johosophat: Stop it, both of you!

Both muscular men stop yelling as the dad says 

Johosophat: Doug, I know you can't get along that well Jonathan, but would you try? You ARE adoptive brothers!

He looks at Jonathan..

Johosaphat: And Jonathan, he has a point! You can't be creeped out everytime you see something unusual. I surely hope we could trust you to get us home safely!

Johosaphat chuckled as Doug laughs... Jonathan shrinks behind the wheel, with a grimace... Scene cuts to night, in platinumetropolis... Jonathan comes in the house and sees Johosaphat watching him...

Johosaphat: And what do you think you're doing?

Jonathan: We're finished, right? That was the last of the luggage.

Johosaphat: Listen, you need to stop being so lazy! Doug's still out there working, and you're already in here! The servents had time off, too, remember?

Doug walks in with a box and snickered at Jonatha, Jonathan then stomps outside and grimaced again...

Jonathan: ... I thought everything was already done, nevermind.. I just hope they don't bring this up again.. 

Scene cuts to later that night... Jonathan sits on a lawnchair (Ever can be seen in the background)

Jonathan: It's not fair... Doug's a gung-ho perfectionist.. I... I work hard, it's just that I fdon't have that kind of mentality... When when everything's alright.. I'd like to believe it really is...

That morning, Jonathan gets up earlier than the others... in his suit

Jonathan: I'll take a stroll around today, the trip wasn't even relaxing with dad putting me down and Doug laughing the entire time.. maybe, at least one day... maybe just a hour or more alone, would refresh my self..

Scene cuts to later where Jonathan worked, he walks by one of his sevents as he carried a stack of papers with him 

Man7: Thanks again, sir! Bur... why are you here? You could order us from home, right?

Jonathan: I decided to a break from home today, it's... not as fun as it looks, to be rich..

Man7: What!!? It looks like ALOT of fun, sir, didn't you just come back from a vacation??!

Scene cuts to that afternoon, Jonathan finishes a glass of water, when his cell rings?? he answers it

Jonathan: Hello?

Johosaphat: Where are you, son? 

Jonathan: I was just checking up on the company today, I'll be back soon..

Johosaphat: Alright, please bring back some pain killers, too.

Jonathan: ...Dad, is it your illness again? Drugs won't help you!

Johosophat: I know... I'm looking into remedies right now..

Jonathan: I'm coming over...

Scene cuts to Jonathan walking into the mansion, he goes uatisr in time to see ODug...

Jonathan: That's for dad?

Doug: Yes... get out of my way.

Jonathan: You don't have to be nasty..

Doug walks by some,  until Jonatahn realizes..

Jonathan: Is that Painkiller in that tea??

Doug: No, it's sufgar you idiot!

Jonathan: ...No, those cubes are far too cumbled...

He stomps to him

Jonathan: Are you poisoning dad??!!

Doug: I don't have to explain myself to you, I'm trying to give dad his tea!

Jonathan angrily punched Doug he spills the tray and the sugar quickly breaks into a fine powder/drugs!!

Jonathan: I knew i...

Doug punched him


Jonathan punched him back, they continue trading ounches, until Johosaphat staggers into the hallway 

Johosaphat: Stop it!! Stop it both of you!!!!

He suddenly punched Jonathan!!! The young man staggers back in horror as his dad yells

Johosaphat: Hos would you?! After everything, you think you're in ANY position to fight your brother!!?

Jonathan: he, he was trying to poison you!!!

Johosaphat: No he wasn't! I told a servant to get me some tea, and he's kind enough to deliver it to me instead!

Doug: I belive he's just jealous because he doens't have the drive I do to make things work around here!


Johosaphat: You... knucklhead!  You probably left today, just to get out of your chores here, didn't you!?

Jonathan: WHa...

Johosophat: Get out of here!! I can't stand that idiotic look on your face!

Jonathan ran away as Johosaphat stares in disappointment and Doug smirked...Scene cut to that night.... Jonathan sits in the bar, asleep... The bartender taps his shoulder..

Bartender: Jonathan, you'll have to go home... It's getting kate...

Jonathan: I... can't...  nevermind...

Bartender: You didn't have a sip of beer, but you passed out like a drunk anyway.. Is there something you wanna talk about?

Jonatahn: No... I don't even want to remember it..

Scen cuts to him returning home, and sees his dad on the floor!!? He ran to him

Jonathan: D, dad!!? Wake up!!!

Johosaphat: is that you??

Jonathan: Y, yes dad! h, what happend??!

Johosaphat: I... feel faint.. I.. passed out before...

Jonathan: I'm calling 911!

Johosaphat: D, don't.. it won't do any good..

Jonathan starts to tear up

Jonathan: Don't say that!! If you get up, you...

Johosaphat: I know.. it;s time.. just... one more thing, son... I'm sorry..

Jonathan's eyes widened as his father continued

Johosaphat: i'm so...rry for everything... I just wanted y, you to be strong and effeicent.. ... want y... you to be able to inherit the... the company the money.. e.. everything... B, but you.. have to be eady..

Jonathan: I'm not!! Don't leave me!! We can work together, you can show me more!!

Johosopaht:: I.. I'm sorry.. I.. have to leave the... it to you.. it.. has to... my son...

He dies in Jonathan's arms...

Scene cuts to a funeral service: Jonathan's crying his eyes out as Doug angrily watches the preceedings... Scene cuts to a day later... Jonathan walks through his foyer alone... his clothes are wrinkled and deshoveled...

Jonathan: verything's still running by itself.. they don't need me..  ..I need ..

Doug suddenly comes in the room, as Jonathan climbs the stairs... 

Doug: hey jonaathan!!

Jonathan quickly turns around..

Jonathan: Doug?? What are you doing here??

Doug: I'm here to claim MY inheritance, Jonathan!

Jonathan: What do you mean?! You were there at...

Doug: You know wht I mean, idiot! This is mine! I worked for it!

Jonathan: But dad left it to me!!!

Doug: Stop bullshitting yourself! You don't want this, you said so many times!

Jonathan: Yes, but if dad believed in me, then I shall have to try.

Doug: You're blind to te truth, huh? You don't deserve it!Johosaphat was stupid to give this to you!!

Jonathan: T, t, take it back!!

Doug: It's true! A stupid man gave his stupid son a inheritance he can't ev...

Jonathan suddenly zooms down the stairs and punched him!!!

Doug: You fool!!

Doug punched him back, and quickly swung again, knocking Jonathan on the floor!

Doug: I was always better, at EVERYTHING! This time, there's no daddy to save you!

He pulls out a gun!

Doug: It's against my style, but I need to end you quickly!

He shoots... both men suddenly awe at Ever standing there with the bullet in hand..

Ever: Go upstairs, Jonathan...

Doug: Wh, what the hell??

Jonathan: W, who are??

Ever: Hurry...

Jonathan goes up the stairs, away from the enemies... Ever stares at Doug emotionlessly...

Doug: What are you doing here? Who are you??!

Ever: I'm your murderer, Doug Brandon.

Doug shoots at him several times, Ever's contorted into a strange shape, but erects himself and spits out a few bloodied bullets..

Ever: You'll die for your pride.

Doug: What?! This doesn't concern you!

Ever: It does... Just like Jonathan's inheritance concerns you.

Doug: Because I worked hard for it! Jonathan doesn't deserve even a penny!!

Jonathan: That's not fair or true! I might've messed up, but...

Ever: It's all your's, Jonathan. Your father left it for you... just as he left a inheritance for Doug..

The men both gasped as Ever explains

Ever: You left earlier than you should've during the reading of the will. You have a Summer home in Miami that Johosaphat brought, along with a small fortune in and of itself.

Doug: That measily shit isn't worth what I've done! I deserve this and the beach house! Jonathan hasn't nearly as much, and he's been here longer than me!!!

Ever: Wether or not Jonathan worked for his inheritance is not your business, neither are you to compare yourself to him. If you've worked here for the sole purpose of receiving his money, then your life is worth nothing. If your purpose in working was even to look better than others, or has become warped by that ideal, then everything you've done and will do, loses it's worth.

Doug: What the hell?? That's fucked up! What you said literally makes no sense!

Ever: It never does to lesser people...

He unsheathes his blade... Jonathan suddenly yells!

Jonathan: WAIT!! He's still my adoptive brother whom I love, please don't kill him!

Ever never looks away from Doug as he replied

Ever: The fact he didn't react to that, shows he deserves to die. Your feelings mean nothing to him, and leaving him alive would be detrimental to others. If you treated you this way, imagine how he'd treat the people under him without supervision of you or your father? Plus, his life will be taken, as he already attempted to kill me.

Ever aims his blade at Doug...

Ever: Smart, you know running's inevitable..

Doug: No, the fact that I'm right will win t..

Ever walks away from him.. Doug turns around...

Doug: What the?! Whe...

He suddenly shudders and dies... Ever walks to his body and pokes it up on his sword...

Ever: I performed clean cuts so blood wouldn't spray immediately, and because your dad loved privacy: no cameras caught this. You are to tell everybody that you never saw Doug, he most likely didn't tell anyone he was coming here to kill you, either..

Jonathan: Y, you, j, just killed him?! I...

Ever: Your a kind soul, which is why I had to kill him. He would've destroyed you, because you had no desire to truly hurt him as he hurt you. Do not tell anyone about me, even if your conscience eats at you though: use this feeling to make your father's company better, and do not dwell on the fact that Doug tried to kill you, after poisoning Johosaphat.

Jonathan gasped as Ever leaves... then breaks into tears again... Scene cuts to Ever burning Doug's body in a dumpster... some hobos walk by and sees the teen staring into the flames...

Hobo: What the hell, kid?? It's 80º out here!

Ever: Yes, but sometimes.. even in Summer, I can get quite cold.

Scene cuts to the next morning, Jonathan is setting on the bottom of the stairs.. until the front door opens.. A girl with a sad smile comes in

Jasmine: Hey brother...

Jonathan: Jasmine!

Scene cuts to her sitting next to him..

Jasmine: Mom told me everything... I could just get here...

Jonathan: Yes.. it's been harsh over the past couple of days first dad.. and...

Jasmine: And??

Jonathan: ...Jas, I... I have to tell you... and get it off my chest... it's been driving me crazy..

Jasmine: !!? What is it??

Scene shows a montage of Jonathan explaining everything to Jasmine, she stares in shock and teared up..

Jonathan: ...So that's what happened..

Jasmine:...h, how did that guy know?!

Jonathan: I assume he's FBI or some other government organization.. I'm not sure though, ..he saved my life, but..

She stands..

Jasmine: We, well he can't just kill whoever he wants and get away?! I, I... how do you know for sure?!

Jonathan: I don't...

Jasmine: We have to make sure! I hate what Doug did, but he was so kind to me and mother, I want to be sure he wasn't killed by some maniac!

Jonathan: I can't pursue him, I owe the man my life!

Jasmine: Th, then at least tell me what he looked like, and his name! I'll look him up!

Jonathan: Fine.. I... It won't be worse than what I've already've done..

Jonathan stands up and pulls out his cellphone, he starts drawing something as he says..

Jonathan: There's no photogrphic evidence of him, neither did he say his name.. so I'll try to draw him while I explain: He was a thin man with pink, ..or violet hair. His skin was tan or dark... but he isn't African-American, at least not all of his features seem to be. If I had to guess, he might be mixed, but I'm unsure...

He shows a scribbled picture of Ever..

Jonathan: He also has on glasses and of course a sheath that he carries that sword in.. I'm unsure if he was just in plain clothes while at work, or if he REALLY is a psychopathic murderer.. I'm thankful for my life, but... like you, I'm uncomfortable with what happened, that's why I'm revealing this much...

Jasmine: ...Alright, I... I'll call. I'll make sure your name isn't mentioned either, if it means that much..

Chapter:1 part:5
Days later, in the gulf of Mexico... on a island... Scene opens inside a bright lab, a scientist works on something on a operating table as a soldier watches him...

Samson: Doctor, are you sure about this??

Chance: Yes, this will be the next step in human evolution! It'll revolutionize the American army!

Samson: I beleive you, doctor... it's just... Using dead bodies?

Chance: Yes! The law constantly blocks out of using live subjects, even if they had volunteered.. so I'll take the next best thing, the dead!

He steps back from the table...

Chance: Besides, it's easier with them, there's no resistance at all and I have a perfect frem to use!

Samson: And what will everybody else, say? You know you can get life behind bars if ANY of this becme public?

Chance: Yea, and that's why you're helping me, Private Samson. After dropping down the ranks, it'll be easy to get back up.. and maybe... even control the army instead being a simple part of it?

Samson: True, doctor, true... How I'd love to be president, ALOT of things wouldn't happen if I was in charge..

Chance: And I'd get you there! I have no interest in political power, as much as just freedom to work on my supersoldiers!

He turns towards the body... Samson does to..

Samson: So this thing will get us to the top, all the power, but no resistance?

Samson glared at the wrapped up head..

Samson: But, there's still alot questions.. How does it even stay together?

Chance: Arise #57!!!

The mummy stands, the unwrapped parts clearly reveals metal pieces in it..

Chance: Does that answer your question, captain?

Samson: Tungsten... Palladium... ! Yes, yes it does...

Scene cuts to days later, in Miami, Ever's inside a restaurant, reading a newspaper.. until he sees a article about governmental projects pulling in citizen's money...

Ever: Looks like I'll have to go to Mexico, next...

He folds the paper... Scene cuts to a day later, Jasmine walks to a dock in Amethyst, Miami.

Jasmine: I need to find out where this guy's going, it didn't take long to find he took a plane from Platinumetroplois to here, and asking around made ot easy to find out where he's been. He stands out slightly, but the fact he doesn't talk much, makes it hard to track him...

She continues searching, until she overhears a conversation..

Sailor: This one was real wierd, a'ight?! The guy hadda fucking sword!? Who carries those?

Sailor2: Maybe he wassa samurai? Ha! Seriously, he probably jus' like carryin the some kinda heirloom around, like wit' a ring..

Jasmine runs up to them!

Jasmine: Excuse me, you said there was a man with a sword? Where did he go? We're suppose to meet each other!

Sailor1: He's on our ship, but, you'll hafta pay extra to get on now, we're about ship o..

Jasmine gives him a stack of bills! The man smirked..

Sailor1: Let DOWN THE GANG PLANK!!!!

Scene cuts to later, on the ship... Jasmine stood on deck as she watches the crowd..

Jasmine: Alright, I just need to find a a man with violet-pink hair and a sword.. It seems as if that should be easy to see now, but...

Jasmine sighs..

Jasmine: I'll take a break.. I think i forgot breakfast today...

Scene cuts to later, in a kitchen looking area..

Jasmine: Reminds me of that trip dad took me and Jonathan on.. He only started taking us  on cruises when Doug came, though.. I miss them both. Dad got me to be tough, and Doug was kind... at least he was to me and mother, he was always so..

The TV suddenly got her attention, a news anchor shows Theo's face

Anchor: Police have just found out that a total of 18 teenagers were murdered in Bronze a couple of weeks ago, citizens say t was all the work of one man..

A blurry image of Ever appears on screen, Jasmine awes as Theo then came up on screen..

Theo: I don't care if we go to jail... I... I'm going to say it again! This kid, came and murdered over half of the future for Bronze! H, he told me not to say anything ...but I, I couldn't stand it! The phone's broken, so the videos messed up, but that's the monster!

Anchor: Police are trying to search for this murderer as we speak, but there's very little evidence on his appearance, despite several people saying they saw him, only Mr Kurt remembers his face, and he claims to forget details needed to identify the man. Citizens are advised to at very least look out for men whith violet hair, dark skin and glasses, until a proper picture of the criminal if formed.

Everybody either awed or gasp in fear... Jasmine glared

Jasmine: There he is! He's a serial killer then? I have to see if brother saw this...

Sailor1: We're in Kernel Desert! EVERYBODY OFF!!

Jasmine gets up as she grabs her cell

Jasmine: Once he sees the report, he wouldn't care about that murderer saving his life!

Scene cuts to outside... Jasmine puts up her cell as she awes as someone leaving the area...

Jasmine: Is that him??! I know there's probably alot of people with violet hair, but... yeah, the sword! He's suppose to have a sword! Then again, I know he was on the boat, so he had to've saw the report and left it there or hid on his person!

She follows them as she looks up and down from her cell

Jasmine: I can't get brother's cell from here, but, I can find the local police! I'll follow the guy, and tell them to follow my cell!

Minutes later, Jasmine followed the person out of the town.. and to a boulder, they walk inside??

Jasmine: ??? What the? This reminds me of the camping trips we took in the Sahara.. except, nobody could do that!!? I need to follow them..

She walks to the rock, another door opens? 

Jasmine: It's letting me in? Something's wrong, the lights are off, too.. it's a trap or a glitch in whatever this thing is..

She goes inside, scene cuts to Samson and Chance standing over a body...

Samson: So what about this one?

Chance: This is equipped with Adamantine, the bodies can't upgrade too much, without tearing. So more's needed to find the best version possible.

Samson: Makes sense... I think we..

The violet haired woman walks into the room 

Jezebel: Dr, I bought the metals you ordered.. but can I not use the lowest class trip there is!?

Chance: We have to avoid suspscion, Jezebel!

Samson: Ah... do you think we should military weaponry in the bodies? The dr here thinks it's power's enough.

Jezebel: No, the dr's right! It's a human body, the compartments wouldn't all fit. Unless we took a giant, heeheehee!

Jasmine suddenly stumbles into the room!? The others turn towards her, the girl then points at Jezebel

Jasmine: I got.. y..

She droops

Jasmine: You're not him??!

Chance: Take her!

Two soldiers shoot Jasmine, she suddenly drops... Samson drags her against a wall..

Samson: She's asleep??

Chance: Yes, whoever she is, nobody cared about her, since she snuck in here herself! She'll be my latest experiment and nobody'll know!

Jezebel: That's what she gets, I can't believe I was followed!

Samson: It's not your fault, more so, there's a faulty path going into here. Nobody should be able to get in, but the goddamn thing opens up for anyone.. Though normally, people don't even come out this far into the desert..

They suddenly here a loud grinding noise, everybody turns to see the door Jezebel came in through, opening up!!! Jasmine wakes up in time to see Ever rip the metal doors open and walk in..

Ever: You'll pay, every single one of you..

Chance: Wh, what!!?

Samson: Shoot!!!

The guards shoot at him!!! Jasmine shudders

Jasmine: I woke up, but my body's completely numb! I can't run!

Samson: Wha??

Ever holds the tranquilizing darts in his hand..

Ever: I learned that you use human beings to conduct your supersoldier experiments, and therefore do not kill the few intruders you get.. right away. But this was a fatal mistake, the one's who fired this are OK with this project and have tried to making become part of it..

Ever took a stance, blood sprays everywhere!!! Everybody freaks, Jasmine shudders hardee to run as blood pools by her... Ever stands by the door again...

Ever:  Your guards are gone, so now only you 2 have a chance at redemption. Stop your experiments.

Samson: We don't take orders from a child!!!

He shoots at him, Ever catches the bullet...

Ever: You'll have to try better than that, soldeir.

Samson angrily fires continuously! Smoke emits from the walls as Samson smirked

Samson: I'm use to freaky soldiers, the doc experiments on my men all the time! That round I just put in ya, probably didn't kill a freak like you immediately, but you're defensless, convulsing pile of flesh now!

The smoke clears to reveal Ever dropping few bullets, then spitting out a mouthful of bullets an blood.. Jasmine shudders as he says

Ever: You're right, these sting far more than normal bullets. Still, whatever happened to me, allows me to easily catch and toss these away...

Samson: Y, you freak!!!

Ever: Unfortunately..

Another rush saws Samson in half, Jasmine scoots a little as feeling comes back to her fer thighs somewhat! Chance scoffed

Chace: You only killed them becasue of that sword...

The mummy arised as he continues..

Chance: But you'll never beat any of my titanium Mummies!

Ever: You should suffer horribly for what you've done: even if when you stopped you experiments on the conscious, you later used dead bodies only to dind that they deteriorate to fast. It was then you started taking people who are legally dead and used them. They aren't dead by any means though, and are trapped within their metal casings..

Ever holds his sword up, then smashed it against the wall.. The other two stare in horror and wonder as Ever scoops up the shards and puts them into his cargo pants..

Ever: In the same moment, I've shown you how I take this blade with me on airlines. How you're tortuing people, and that I don't need a blade to defeat any enemy.

Cahnce: Kill him!!!

The mummy steps forward, Ever zooms to it. And let's the mummy strike him!!! Jasmine squeals... but noticed Ever's not bleeding?

Ever: You're far stronger than that, and my words seem to have reached you. What I'll do, is destroy your casing and let you rest in peace. If you don't resist, you and the others who don't want to become the doctor's puppets, will be freed.

The mummy puts it's arm down, while shaking horribly... Ever punched it into pieces!!! Metal flies everywhere!!! Chance turns to run, but falls to pieces...

Ever: And now to kill everybody else in here and free the dead...

Jasmine: !!!

Ever walks to her and picks her up bridal style

Ever: Do not tell anyone what happened, or who I am. This operation was wrong, but now it'll be a great place to refroge my blade..

Jasmine: Wh, why do you do this?!

Ever: Because humans have pride in all they think and do, and so push their beliefs and opinions onto those they deam "weak". I'm trying to save those who wish not to take part in this hivemind set..

Jasmine: B, b, but you killed too! How are you different?!

Ever: I have no choice, or more people will die, the very people who keep this world alive. If humans are to exist, they must not pool others into their own sinful thoughts and ambition. If humans continue to see each other as tools to a end, they will cease to exist even before they're extinct. I'm different in only that I weed out the many who'll engulf the Earth into this mindset. Humans want a Utopia they can utterly control, but don't realize every action they take, is leading to a single outcome.

Scene cuts to outside... Jasmine's laid by a hospital building, Ever leaves as se watches...

Jasmine: Damn... the police always take too long... he'll probably see them coming.. or worse, they just now're tracking me here! ...Then again.. what he said didn't seem to make much sense... he sounds like some kind of vigilante... I wonder...

Chapter:1 Part6

Scene opens to a straight couple on a date..

Ty: I'm glad we came here!

Kerry: See? I told you this place was great!

Ty: Like you, huh?

Kerry: Stop it! You can't say that all the time! You didn't even wanna come here!

Ty: Well I found out I was wrong! What's wrong with with me complimenting someone who makes good choices!

Kerry: Hahaheeheehee! Stop it, Ty!

Scene cuts to midnight.. in front of her house

Kerry: Tonight was so much fun..

Ty: Oh yeah!

Kerry: It doesn't hafta end like the others..

She wraps her arms around him.. they kiss, until he pulls away 

Ty: Kerry.. You know how I feel about you.. But I wanna wait, you know??

Kerry: We don't have to, we're both consenting adults.You don't hafta be shy!

Ty: It's not that... hell, I'm probably gonna beat myself up again for saying this. It's just.. that...

Kerry: ??

Ty: I wanna make sure we're onna, take this this seriously...

Kerry: Ty... nothing else's wrong except you're being so...

Ty: I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

Kerry:Forget it, alright? I honsetly don't care about it, it's one of the things I like.. it's just... you know... I DO like you..

She kisses him.. Ty smiles and replies 

Ty: Alright, next date night.. I'm gonna stop it! No more worries, I'll..

Kerry: Stop planning! You'll ruin it!

They kiss again, and Ty leaves...

Ty: Goodnight..

Kerry: Goodnight..

Scene cuts to Ty's house, he gets out of his car and hears a cheery voice

James: Tyyy-yyyy!

Ty: What?? James??!

A man suddenly skips to him, and holds his hand!

James: OMG I'm so happy I finally found you!

Ty: Dude... I haven't seen you since college! How the hell you've been!!?

James: Fine, alright! I've been workin' on heads like I want-ted!!

Ty: That's great, man! I've been doing movies and junk like I wanted! I actually just helped with thing you seeon tv... what's it...

James: Mach the Needlemouse!?

Ty: Yeah! I did the special effects and shit! So, what brings you here.. now?

James:Well, my flight was ate, and everything went to shit... so I at least came to see you before I went to the hotel room..

He kisses him!!

James: For that..

Ty: What??! What are yo..

James: Come on, boo... Ya remember, we were playing around a bit before...

Ty: Oh.. listen, um.. James..

He walks away a little...

Ty: I'm already in a relationship..

James: What!!!?

Ty: Yeah.. um.. I met a girl out here.. and she's.. she's perfect, man.. She's nice and sweet and nomtter what shit I do, she forgives me... she's perfect!

James: I.. N... nooo! I FORGAVE EVERYTHING! I was there for you!!!

Ty: You were... but... Kerry

James: Kerry?? That woMAN ain't what you need, she doesn't understand you!

Ty: She does, that why we're together!

James: No, she, doesN'T! Does she no your bisexual!!?

Ty: Yes... she knows... she doesn't care. James, people arent all as nasty as back th..

James: No, alright, no! She's not what you, what we are! She's not gonna understand you, and you know it!

He angrily turns around...

James: I thought we could go back to old times..

Ty: We can't... we can't date.. but we were good friends, James! We don't hafta...

James: Forget it, forget it!!!

James stomps away... Ty sighs heavily.. Scene cuts to the next morining,  James eats aloe at a outddor restaurant.. until a friends sits across from him 

Gabe: hello, hello there, baby! I thought Ty was gonna be here?

James: Hey Gabe.. no.. Ty hassa girlfriend!!!

Gabe: WHAT!!!? What the hell?! I thought..

James: It wasn't, he wasn;t!! I thought he was, I thought we were something, but...

Gabe: Baby boy, you need to get off your pretty ass!

James: WH, what??

Gabe: You need to get him back! ALright? If you love him, then you can't let him go off galavanting with some ho! You're his true love and you know it!

James: Yeah.. but... I...

Gabe stoms to him... James looks up in time to be slapped..

Gabe: Get UP, boy! You can't let true love go away, especially to one of them! You SEE how they talk about us!

James: Y, you're right!! You're right!!!

James gets up and stomps away... Scene cuts to Ty and Kerry at a store...

Ty: Or how abut this one?

Kerry: Sop it, we're supose to be working! Date night's not until tomorrow!

Ty: You said to be spontaneus! And it just so happens we're both in the smae place at the same time!

James arrives at the store and sees the couple laughing together..

James: There she is.. That hasta be her.. Stanking tramo!

Kerry finally gets away from Ty and leaves the store, laughing... James watch her..

James: Look at that skank.. I'll get some dirt and Ty'll get away from her..

He walks in front of her kerry stops abruptly..

Kerry: ...Excuse me?

James: Yes! Excuse you! I'd like to ask you couple of questions, ma'am..

Kerry: Can it be quick? I was going to work..

James: It didn't lok like it before..

Kerry: ...Were you WATCHING me??

James: Yeah, now...

Kerry turns away...

Kerry: I don't know what you wnat, but you're nt getting it from me..

James grabs her hand... she suddenly turns and slaps him off her!

Kerry: Keep your hands to yourself, you fucking gay!

James: I knew it, you're racist!

Kerry: You people aren't a fucking race! How the hell is that even a thing!?

James: What if Ty heard you say that??!

Kerry: Ty??? You WERE watching me... STay away!

She takes some pepper spray and leaves while wtaching him, James yells 

James: You don't need that, I don't want your ugly ass!

Scene cuts to the next day..

Ty leaves his house to go to work.. James drives up...

Ty: James??

James gets out of the car and stomps up to him..

James: Hello, boo, I got news for YOU!

Ty:.. What??

James: You know that Kerry? Well, I did a little digging and did you know that she used to be anti-LGBT??

Ty: Wha???

James: That's right and she was actively fighting against us! She's probably using you!

Ty: ...Dude, James... Stop it!

James: What??

Ty: You fucking spied on my girlfriend??! I KNOW what she did! She's different now, and you're acting like a freak!

James: Excuse you!!? I'm the same as you are... well as I thought you were!!? You know what she did and you're choosing her over me!!

Ty: No, I love her and you're spying on on my irlfriend! You're in the wrng here! Stop being fucking stupid!

Ty stomps to his car.. James shivered.. and gets in his and leaves... Scene cuts to that night... James cries into a pillow.. until gabe walked into his room..

James: Shit...

Gabe: You didn't get him back??!

James: N, no... he belive in her, even though she hates us..

Gabe: That's it, get up..

James gets up and gasped...

James: What happened to you!!!?

James stared and his friend's bruised face...

Gabe: I got into a fight with a couple of straight neanderthals..

James: Wh, what??

Gabe: those people don't care about us, they're not even human themselves: If they can't see all love is just thta, love! Then they don't deserve to live!

James: W, hwat are we going to do?

Gabe: We're gonna get him back.. come on!

he snatches James up... Scene cuts to Kerry's house, James kisses her and she grabs his hands.. 

Kerry: So, rmember what you said the other night??

Ty: Yeah.. I'm comin' in!

Kerry: Ha, I like your choice of words!

Ty: Damn Kerry, ou look too pretty to be like that!

Kerry: Do I? Heheheh!

They kiss again.. until they hear a yell! They both turn to see James and gabe leaving their car...

James: Hands off my BOO!!

Kerry: You again!!?

Ty: You know him!?

Kerry: He tried to attack me!

James: No I DidN'T!! I'm Gay! ANd proud of it, unlike you!!!

Ty: James... stop it... just stop it!! We're happy!!

Jmaes: No, you're brainwahsed!

Gabe: There's no use talking to him, now...

He pulls out a gun! James stares in surprise, Kerry pulls one too!


Kerry: I had one for a while! But I never thought I had to use i..

Gabe shoots!! Kerry screams and falls over, then fires back! The shot kills Gabe, Jeames then quickly picks up the gun and aims at her

James: You bitch!!

Kerry: He tried to kill me!!!

James: Well I...

Ty steps in front of her!!

Ty: St, stop it!! This is CRAZY!! What the hell's wrong with you!!?

James: Move Ty!! I'm gonna save you from this bitch!

Ty: James, listen to yourself! Why're you...

Ever walks between them... both sides stop talking and watch in utter curisoity..

Ever: When humans have a way they belive is right, they have no problem sharing and eventually pushing it on others. Wether or not it's right or wrong doesn't matter to them. In this casee, even to the point where they'd try prove something is right, but kill far too many to even consider their path as correct.

Ty: Wh, who the hell??!

James: Move it, boy! This isn't the time for this!

Ever: I'm always curious of how bold people are when they have "power" wether by physical or weapons strength..

James: Shut up! Don't you see something's happening, here?!

Ever: Yes, the police ar e coming soon... and neither party can leave... So you might as well seek redemption, here..

James: Whta the hell..

The group looks to see their car's tires are slashed...

Ever: You WON'T get away from me... So stay here and seek redemption, or I;ll kill you all before the police can..

James: WHat!!!?

Kerry: WH, WHo the hell are you!!?

Ty: This sdoens't concern you!!

Ever: It does, as it concerns people to fight each other for having different belifes, then I too deserve the right to express mune, too. If he belives she should die for being straight, I beleive he should die for being gay..

James: See!!? It's that kind of mentality that kills people!!

Ever: Like you planned to do?

James: SH, she kille...

Ever: She didn't kill your friend: she didn't even shoot him in a vital spot... in the time you took to try to shot her, you should've been taking him to the hospital.. he's dying, now...

James: WH, what??

Ever: Someon could've stopped the bleeding.. But...

Ty: B, but... that means she...

Ever: Was trying to protect herself...  but didn't kill him. And even though he won't bleed to death fro her shot...

Ever suddenly chops off his head!!

Ever: I killed him for attempting to kill her... He tried to take a life, so he lost his.

Kerry: Kyaaaaa!!

James: You BASTARD!!!! He shotots as Ever, the teen easilu dodges and slivced him in half!!!! Ty screamed too as blood sprays everywhere... he then grabs the gun!!

Ty: STay back, you monster!

Ever: Monster?? They tries to kill your love? Unless you wouldn't of cared if they did.. pull the trigger: you saw what happened...

Ty drops the gun...

Ty; I couldn't kill you even if you weren;t a freak... Just go!!!

EVer: No... she must be killed, too: SHe has cost alot of people to commit suicide for from her words. It's their perogative whta they do, but pushing someone to death is almost the same as tipping them over a cliff, and pulling the trigger as they hold a gun to their heads... 

Ty outstrectches his arms in front of her!! 

Ty: ST, stop!!! Please!! I'll turn her in myself!!

Kerry: Ty!!!?

Ty: Just don;'t kill her!

Ever: You love her that much? It's strange you tried to stop me earlier... If you're telling the truth, then she'll suffer in jail rather than embracing the sweet relief of death...

Ty: Sh, she deserves to live, she's truning her life around!

Ever: OK.. You'll send the love of your life to jail.. because if you don't, she dies in there and I'll kll you: a worse punsihment than what these two have suffered, every step you take will be seen and you'll never have peace, because you wouldn't let me kill the murderess behind you. There's one more way out t, though: shoot at me, and I'll send you both away together..

Ty: L, leave!!!

Ever shrugged and leaves... Kerry breaks into tears...

Kerry: I.. I didn't mean to kill..

Ty: Forget it.. Once we explain your situation, I'm... I'm sure nobody will act like that freak did..

Scene cuts to hours later in a alley way... Ever stoops into a tent made via sheets... he then starts to polish his sword as rain begins to fall.. he suddenly heaars

Jasmine: Found you..

He turns to see Jasmine with a gun...

Ever: From Kernal, right?

Jasmine: Yes... you're gonna pay!

Ever: For killing those 2  people from earlier? Or the sceintist and soldiers?

Jasmine: All of it, especially my step-brother, Doug!

Ever; You want to kill me for killing murderers? All of them murdered and used people at some point, withut any remorse..

Jasmine: What about just now??! You killed that man and that other guy had to beg you not to kill his girlfriend!

Ever: Who killed people before, the gay I murdered would've killed her if he could shoot. I'm only destroying the people who forced their opinions on others, as yI told you back then...

He polishes he blade...

Ever: You haven't commited murder, and I understand if you're angry. But You know bullets can't touch me...

Jasmine:(This guy really is crazy.. then again.. in all seriousness, the one point he has is that if anyone he killed was left alive, they would've gotten away with murder.. even if they were caught, most could've payed bail..)

She puts her gun down... Ever watches her...

Ever: You're not going to shoot me? You're not afraid?

Jasmine: No.. I want to understand you.. I want to know why you think this way.. you're a murderer too.. but you're becoming this to save other people..

Ever: Yes, I have no choice: once the evil one's are dead.. then the good can rebuild. People love to subjectify good and evil, and so evil has won. Once they see they cannot turn it into a actions that are meaningless, something that everybody should be OK and agree with: then they can live peacefully.

Jasmine: So you'll destroy people who are morally gray and straight up wrong, in the hope that theires people who's intent and actions are good?

Ever: Yes.. if everybody uses the excuse of "They're only human", "nobody's perfect" or straight-up think they can do whatever they want, they must die as they won't care what they have to do for themselves. You can easily see that they don't care, as soon as they're safe and fine... as soon as they're free to presue their goals, they will hurt others solely for their gols or personal desires... the "strong" do whatever they want, and the "weak" must suffer under them. This is how all humans think, wether or not they admit it..

Jasmine: You have a point.. I hate it, but Doug thought way.. (I'll follow this guy and see if I can convince him to change his mind: while he has good intentions, this can get really bad, soon.. mosty, for me.. it sounds like he has a problem more than anything else..)

Ever: Many think that way, most interactions are simply patronizing conversations. There are but a few people who have "strength" to see those considered "unequal" to others as equals, and thiers fewer who're able to share love with everyone, since they carry feelings of jealousy, envy, cotempt, vengeance and distatse for others.. That's why  must kill until people can realize what's happening, this is why I can't die until peace occurs... Whenever there's evil and pride abound, I'll be there...


Scene opens to a New Jersey street.. a gang glares down at a small group of cops near the penitinterary...

Gangleader: Alright, this' real simple for ya! Just promise not bust us when we work, heeheheh!

Policeman6: How could we promise THAT!!?

Scene cuts to behind the squad car... the sheriff grimaces...

Sheriff: Dammit, they have a pint.. it's a good idea on paper..

Policeman3: Wh, what??!

Sheriff: Befoe they commit a crime, stop the source that'll impede them. Unfortunately, the thing's on the wrong side of the law...

He turns around, gets up and joins them!!

Sheriff: Fire!!!

The cops all stop, upon seeing a gagged girl...

Gangleader: Thoght yould think twice about it, when we caught this piece of ass!

Sheriff: You bastard!!!

Gangleader: Stay here, while we carry this girl with us to the bank, or not ony those morons but she, gets it!

He puts the gun over her mouth! The police gasp in anger in shock... until everybody ears footsteps?? They turn to see a man walking out...

Police3: H, hey, he's suppose to be behind bars, for trespassig!

Police6: At this point, it doesn't matter... I'm more worried about how he got out? I was gonna let him out later, after I watched you lock him up..

Ben: Let the girl, go.

Gangleader: What are you, some kinda vigilante?? Hell no!

Ben: Then you've sealed your fate.

Gangleader: And you're gonna look like cheese! Light 'em up, boys!!

The gang members all shoot!!

Sheriff: Get down!!!

Smok and fire goes everywhere as they shot up the squad car... The smoke clears to reveal Ben... he drops the bullets and walks to the gangsters...

Gangleader: you all suck!! Beat 'em down!!

The gangster run at him all at once... Ben suddenly charged through them, hitting them all once.. then stops... the gangsters all blow up!!! 

Bat: Aaaah!!

Sheriff: You're that deliquent!!!

Bat: F, forget me, did they just explode!!?

Sheriff: Yeah... I think I saw this before.. it's some kind of martial art...

Gangleader: PFFFFFF, that's not gonna sqvethe hostage!

He rips of the gag

Lia: R, run!!! Ggccck

The gangleader shoved his gun in her mouth

Gangleader: If you tak one more step, her brains fly everywhere!!

Ben: You underestimate the power of the Fist of the Morning Star!

Ben growled and tears off his shirt, his scars glow until he zooms to and striles the man many times!!! They flung into the air and drops Lia! Ben caght her and walks away as the Gangleader fell..

Gangleader: Hey.. that felt like mosquito bites! You're even weaker than you look!

Ben: I have struck Chest and appendix, you're blood flow is slowing and is about to reverse..

Gngleader: What???

Ben: You're already dead.

Gangleader: Yeah right, come here and fi...

The gangleader suddenly swells up and explodes!!! The police, Lia and Bat all freak out as blood rains everywhere... 

Police3: U, um.. B, Ben! I'm sorry for locking you up!

Ben sits Lia down..

Lia: Th, thanks Mr Ben...

He folds his arms, not responding to anyone... until the Sheriff asks

Seriff: D, 

Bat: That was cool!!

He ran up to him

Bat: Man, you were awesome!!! You could probably clean up Jersey with that shit!

Ben: ....I'm not a savior. Just a man on a ordeal

Bat: And my ticket tp get outta here! I'm commutin' from aunty's and I  got stck in this hell hole! Would ya help me get back home!?

Ben: Fine...

Lia: Uh... um... I have no home here, either.. Could I ...could I travel with you?

Ben: No. Death follows me.

Bat: Yeah, don't listen to her! Lia's just been needy since her parents died!


Sheriff: That's mean, kid!

Bat: I wasn't trying to be! But there ARE better places for her to be, than asking to stay with a stranger! I'm just temporarily traveling with the guy, I ain't trying to live with him!

Ben scoffed and leaves.. Bat follows!

Bat: Wait up, Ben! We'll need a car and shit!

Lia steps toward them, until the Sheriff grabs her shoulder

Sheriff: Don't Lia, I'll get you to a child protective service. But PLEASE don't follow him.. You smell dead on him..

Chapter:2 Part:2

Scene opens to days later, in a neighborhood inside a house... A man with coarse hair looks at his cell, until he hears screams!!? He looks up, until someone ran to him!!

Shop owner: H, Howard! You gotta get out there!!!

Howard: What??

Shop owner: You're the biggest guy in here!!

Howard gets up and put up his cell

Howard: (Yeah, always pick the buffed guy..)

Howard goes out... Scene cuts to later, Howard finds a group of thugs, punks and gangsters kicking a kid, a gangster jacks off to the attacks!

Gangsterrapist: Ya ready for round2?!! Maybe you'll stop suirming this time!

Howard: (Good thing I came!)

He stomped to them!!

Howard: Stop!

Thug5: What?! Hey look we gotta He-man! Hahaha!

Punk4: Hatcha gonna do, George of the jungle!? Hahaha!!

Howard: Stop this, right now!!!! Or..

He takes a fighting stancee

Howard: You'll die, rather than just go to the police!

Thug3: Stop it, punk... Ya sound like cartoon!

Gangsterrapist: Ice 'em!

They all whip out their guns and fire!!! Smoke covers the area as the victim screams... the smoke clears, to reveal Howard holding his fist towards them...

Howard: I believe these are yours...

He drops several bullets.. The group awes until he say..

Howard: Sorry, wait... there's a few more for you... 

He spits one through a thug! The others freak, until he throws the others through their hearts, too!! Only the gangster rapist was left!

Howard: I miscounted... looks like I'll have to get my hands dirty..

Gangsterrapist: If you g, get any closer, I'mma ice this bitch!!!

He aims at the victim, Howard smiles

Howard: Pull the trigger, Fist of the New Star won't let you shoot that girl!

The gangster fire, but turns to see Howard already by him!!!! Howard taps his chest.. then picks up the victim...

Gangseter raist: What the hell?! I didn't even feel that!

Howard: I didn't need to put aot into it, your heart should be still by now..

Gangsterrapist: Wh... 

He falls and implodes... The victim shudders as Howard carries him away.. minutes later, in front of a hospital... He puts the victim down..

Howard: There you go, little girl!

Jessie: I'm a guy...

Howard: !!!Sorry!! I didn't mean to..

Jessie: It!s okay, sir... I act like a bitch, don't I? And.. you saved me, so..

Howard: You're not a bitch.. Listen, you just need to find a means of protecting yourself, like I did!

Jessie: I saw... what WAS THAT?

Howard: It was Fist of the New Star, a martial art that allows you to touch certain points on a body and cause ...different effects. Everybody in my family takes it!

Jessie: Oh! That looked cool..

Howard: Thanks! Now let's get you cleaned up!

Jessie: Thanks... but, could you not mention the... you know?

Howard: Jessie, if that guy had something, you eed to tell the doctors so they could find and stop it, if possible!

Jessie: You're right... if I wanted to li...

Howard: Stop that, stp! You SHOULD live! You have a chance to make things better, you just need to make decisions that'll help you protect youreself! Listen, if you promise to try to get better, let the doctors know wha's happening AND listen yo my instruction, I can teach you some of Fist of the New Star!

Jesse: Would you tell the doctors for me?

Howard: Of course, let's go!

He walks the boy in the hospital...

Chapter:2 Part3

Scene cuts to days later, many miles away... Ben and Bat look at a tower nearby a beach... it has a red cross on it's flag..

Ben: The heart's cross...

Bat: Heart's cross??

Ben: A organization that's made under a specific man.

Bat: Sounds scary... so we're going to the next state over, right?

Ben: Yes, I'll leave you there and coming back here.

Bat:Why??? That place's awful! Only the crazy tough, of the toughest are there!

Ben: That's why I'm...

A truck suddenly drives by, both guys are somewhat shock to see Lia in the back along with a bunch of other people!!

Bat: Lia!!?

Ben: Trafficking?

Bat: Y, yeah! There's alot human trafficking going on in Jersey! The Jade shore penitentrary is being used as a place to buy and sell people!

Ben: Then I'll go there, after that, you'll go with the hostages to the police office.

Bat: What?! C'mon, you said you'd take me to the state edge!

Ben: .....

He walks away, Bat follows him! Scene cuts to inside the penitentiary... Policemen suddenly run up to him!

Police8: Hey, where do you think?

Ben pokes his hand, the man implodes, causing the others to geather around him!!

Police6: Hey!!!

Police3: What did you do to, Fred???!

Ben: Where's the hostages?

Police3: Tha's know of your concern!

Police66: What do you mean?

Ben: Fine, you will have tasts my fist.

The police all aim at him..

Police6: Whatever the hell that's suppose to mean! GET ON THE GROUND!!!

Ben stretches, his chest glows and his muscles rip off his shirt, causing the police to fire!!! The smoke clears to show him dropping several bullets..

Ben: The Divine fist of the Morning Star cannot be defeated by mere weapons.

Police5: R, run awa..

Ben suddenly zoomed through the crowd of police people.. they ll implode into puddles of blood! Bat stuttered...

Bat: Th, they were ll in on it!?


He grabs one policeman who hasn't exploded...

Ben: Tell me where the trafficking products are?

Police7: I.. I What's happening?!

Ben: I struck the part of your brain that makes you tell the truth.

Police7: Down the hall, to the left, then right....

 Ben drops him and he implodes, too... Scene cuts to later, guards stand in front of a cell as they hear screaming!! Then see Ben and Bat coming:. they ready their blades and swing thim in circles as they close in on them...


Guard6: Heheheh! We know how to deal with martial artists!

Guard4: Yeah, nomatter how tough you are, your skin can still be cut and you cwn bleed, which means you can die!!

They step closer, until Ben reached out and grabs their swords!! He then shattered them..

Ben: Hokto! Blade shattering fist!

Ben then roundhouse kocks their faces, killing them immediately! He then walks to and bend open the cell's bars!! The hostages run out!

Man8: Th, thank you!

Ben: Don't thank me, I'm just a man.

Man5: Wh, where should we go??!

Ben: To the station.

Woman8: Yes, we should tell the police!!

Man4: Yeah.. yeah!!!!!

They all leave, laving Lia holding him...

Lia: Can I come with you?

Bat: Lia!!! You can go where ever you want!! Why're so needy??

Ben: You can both follow me, until I get to the tower with the Heart Cross flag.

Chapter:2 Part: 4

Scene opens to Howard driving to a home... he parks by the sidewalk and stairs at a ring in his hand..

Howard: I can't wait... but probably not yet.. I don't kow if she really feels the same way..

He gets out... scne cuts to him coming in the home as Gizelda smiles

Gizelda: You're here..

Howard: Yeah, finally back from the business trip..

Gizelda: Hmmmph.. But you're late!

She walks to the window and angrily stares outside.. Howard freaks out

Howard: W, wait! I had stuff to do! There was this kid, and the hospital bills and...

Gizelda: And so you think some kid's more important than me?!

Howard: I... I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'll just leave..

Howard turns to go, when she grwbs his arm!!

Gizelda: Oh my God, Howard! It's just a prank!

Howard: Whaaa!? Stop that!

Gizelda: I can't help it, you always fall for them! I know you get caught up in junk!

Hoaward: Well, of we're making up, I got a present for you!

He pulls out two boxes! Then quickly grabs the ring box and puts it back!

Howard: Woops! Um.. Here's the necklace you...

Gizelda: What's in the other box?

Howard: N,n, nothing!

Gizelda: Howey, what's in that one?! 

Howard: It's... a.. uh money!!?

Gizelda: If you don't let me see what's in that one, I won't look at the other!

Howard: What!?? Shoot... um...

Howard takes out the ring box and opens it..

Hoawrd: I, it was suppose to be a...

Gizelda: OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Is THAT what I think it is?!

Howard: Yes, but...

Gizelda: Yes, yes, YES! A thousand times, yes!

Howard: Wh, hat!!? but..

Gizelda: Another prank!

Howard shakes her!

Howard: Stop it!! I don't know what to say to you!!

Gizelda: Sorry, I couldn't help it!

She blushes hard!!

Gizelda: But Oh my God!!! I can't believe it! When are we...

Howard: I wasn't planning on proposing yet, I... didn't have alot of stuff planned...

Gizelda: We can do it this month! I got enough to set up the church and the get guests! But you'll hafta get the decorations and the food and junk!

Howard: Alright! We have the money! I'm still just surprised we're doing it now!

Gizelda: Heeheehee!

He walks to her door...

Howard: Um.. I hate to run, but the Justice of the Peace wanted to meet me soon, too...

Gizelda: But you can't just go after THAT!

Howard: I didn't meant to, yet. Plus, I probably would missing out on another check if...

Gizelda kissed him, he smiles...

Howard: Stop it, baby.. I really DO haft..

She pulls him into her house, scene cuts to the day... Howard again tries to leave as they kiss..

Howard: Now I hafta go this time...

Gizelda: Really??

Howard: You're a feisty little monster!

Gizelda: You're one, too♪!

Howard: Heh..

They kiss again, as he backs up..

Howard: You're not going to trick me again! I'll be back soon!

Gizelda smiles smugly..

Gizelda: Hurry!

Scene cuts to the Town Hall... inside the judge's room.. Howard stands before a judge in a strage colored robe..

Howard: Mr Mortise?

Mortise spun in his office chair and smiles

Mortise: Howard! Glad you made it!

Howard: Um... you wanted to see me??

Mortise: Yes, um... there's a gang getting wiley down town, Jasper, and we need your help!

Howard: I don't know, Mortise..

Mortise: Howard.. you and your family are one of the few martial artist families that has thrived in this day atime and nation! We NEED your talents to help us! Some criminals know dangerous stuff, too

Howard:I know, I know...

Mortise: So you'll help??

Howard: I'll try it..

Mortise: Thanks, Howard!

He watched him leave... then glared..

Mortise: Part one, done...

Scene cuts to that aternoon, he comes to Gizelda's house...

Mortise: Hey there, girl!

Gozelda,: Mr Mortise?? Come in!

She spins away from the door! Mortise laughed..

Mortise: What's got you so happy!? Ya won some money?!

Gizelda: Better! I'm engaged!

Mortise: Wha!!? To Howard, right??! He's a bit...

Gizelda: I know he's different from most people, but that's what I love about him!

She looks out the window

Gizelda: He makes me so happy! Everything about him!

Mortise aims his open palm at her, and fires!!! She turns..

Gizeld2: So what did you wa...

The laser  turns through her chest, killing her instantly... Mortise smirked..

Mortise: Now that's done...

Chapter:2 Part:5

Scene opens to Ben walking through a dark hall way, blood's splattered on him and the walls... Ben emotionlessly oened a door, and sees a blond man atop a flight of stairs, with a redheaded woman sittng beside him...

Ben: Yola!!

The blond steps in front of her

Sam: Ben, my old friend: What are you doing here?

Ben: You know well, Sam!

Sam: Heheheh! You REALLY chased me across country for some girl?

Ben: She's not yours, she's mine!

Sam: What if she wanted me?

Ben: Give her to me, now.. and your death will be quick and painless.

Sam: So either way, I'll die?

Sam pokes his finger through her neck!!! Ben glared in shock as Sam explains:

Sam: Now you can't have what you want, win or lose!

Ben angrily flipped up the stairs and growled, ripping off his shirt from simply flexing

Ben: You'll die today, Sam.

Sam: We shall see, Ben!

Ben swung at him, but Sam easily flipped away. Ben swung again, Sam countered this attack via slicing at him!! Ben dodged this attack, and parried! Sam flipped away as Ben glared at him..

Sam: Looks like Fist of The Morning star won't work against my Fist of The West Star!

Ben suddenly bleeds, he then gets som and licks it off his finger..

Ben: Nothing is as strong as the Morning Star, you will see.

He flips toward him, and swung! Sam blocks, but Ben puched through his hand!!!!!!!

Sam: Wh, what!?

Ben: You should know, this is fom the madness you instilled on me, friend.

Sam gags in horror as Ben suddenly starts swinging! Indent of his fist appear in him, until he's knocked into a wall!! Sam slides down slowly as Ben strikes a pose..

Ben: Thousand and one fist of the Morning!

Sam: I see, so the Morning Star's superior? How long.. do I have.. to live?!

Ben: 5 minutes.

Ben Left to check on Yola, but... she's not bleeding??

Ben: This s a fake!?

Sam: S, she's already dead!

Ben: What!!?

Sam: I stowed her away, I meant only to woo her.. but stuff kept coming up, and... I had to kill, alot! ...She couldn't stand watching people die, so, she...

Ben looked away, until he heard Sam walked to a window..

Sam: As for me, I won't allow myself to be killed by your style!

Sam leaps out the 13 story window... Scene cuts to later.. Ben carries Sam's body to a hole.. Bat and Lia watch as he drags himself to burry his ex-BFF... Scene cuts a funeral home, days later.. several miles away from the Jade shore, Howard leaves the building in sorrow.. until he's greeted by Mortise..

Mortise: Sorry 'bout this, Howard..

Howard: It's not your fault... I'm sure you would've saved her if you could...

Mortise: Yes, this is true... But, I think we have a idea on who killed her..

Howard turns quickly!!

Howard: Who?!! Who would do such a thing!!?

Mortise: Ben...

Howard: Wh... why?!! Why would he?!

Mortise: There's no way to know for certain, just know he DID do it, the blast in ...her, was of similar destruction caused by Morning Star fist, techniques..

Howard growls and stomped away... 

Howard: How dare he!!? After everything, he'd do something like this???!

Howard roars, causing the ground to shake! A cop arrives and yells

Cop8: Howard, calm down! Ben's your brother, even IF he did it, you shouldn't..

Howard: You idiot! You can suck your brother's dick, but I'm not letting this go!

He stomps foward, until rows of police came and aims at him!!

Police4: Stop Howard! We all know the same info, but if you're considering commiting manslaughter, th...

Howard: You too?! I'm tired of people always letting criminals get away, especially Ben!! He does whatever the hell he wants, but when I wanna avenge a innocent woman, then you'd all try to stop the ONE MAN who cares!!?

The police all cock their guns, Howard moves forward anyway...

Police4: Fire!

Howard glared as many bullets went into him!! But his roar breaks them, and he aims at the rows

Howard: New Star, Super!!!

A explosion destroys the many police and people in the surrounding area!!! Howards stomps through the dead bodies, util he feels a tug at his arm!? He turns to see Jesse holdng him..

Jesse: I, I was gonna offer support.. but, y, you can't kill someone else!

Howard: After I saved you, I thought you'd be the one person to back me up...

He pushed him away and stomps forward! Scene cuts to a hour later, Ben peeled a potato as Bat and Lia watches..

Bat: He hasn't said a thing since then...

Lia: He hasn't left too far from the penitentiary, either... He must be...

Mortise suddenly steps up behind them..

Mortise: Excuse me there children, do you know a Ben?

Bat: Yeah...

Lia: He's right there.

Mortise: I see, thank you, kids!

He walks to him...

Mortise: Mr Ben, correct?

Ben: What?!

Mortise: I just wanna offer my condolences and...

Ben: Get out of my face.

Mortise: Wait, I wanted to shed light on what truly happened... Yola didn't commit suicide, she was murdered.

Ben stood up and glared...

Mortise: When Sam brought her here, he DID kill people, but she simply tried to get away. Until Howard came and his technique to cause Sam to kill her, and fight you. 

Ben: That punk!!

He marched away as his aura tears up the area!!! Bat grabs his leg!

Bat: W, wait a minute! You don't if this guy actually did it! Why would he?!

Ben: My weak brother is a peon, that's all the reason he needs! I'mma kill him!

Bat: Your brother!!? Dude, you shouldn't kill your brother, anyone in your family! At least figure out if he's telling the truth, or if he is, why'd h...

Ben kneed him away, a sickenng crunch can be heard from him as Ben says

Ben: This goes beyond Yola, he doesn't get to do anything and still breathe!

He marched away as Lia picks up Bat... Mortise smirked as he watched him go...

Chapter:2 Part:6
Scene cuts to days later, Howard reaches Jade Shore.. and inside a cave..

Howard: Martial Coast cave... this is one of the few places in America where martial artist are respected and immortalized after death...

Ben: The perfect place for your grave!

Howard turns in surprise and sees Ben glaring down at him!

Howard: Y, you!!!? You!ll pay!

Ben: You're the one who'll die, after treating the fmily like you did, you think you can do that!?

Howard: I have no idea what you're talking about! You're the one who killed my Gizelda!

Ben: Who cares? Your life ends here, now!

They prepare to fight, when him and Howard are shocked by Ever!!! He slowly walks into the room..

Ever: Whenever there's a wrong commited, it's worse when it's someone you know. But in this case, neither of you are able to hear the other..

Ben: You always had handicaps, too!

Howard: Wh, who are you?!

Ever: Someone who's knows what's happening here, if you both listen, you'll find that both of you are innocnet of the crimes you're blaming each other for.

Ben suddenly jumps back as blood sprays from his arm! 

Ben: What???

Ever: You think I've been watching and NOT learned any martial arts? You both CAN'T move from your areas, or you'll die. In fact, performing any counters will ensure your deaths. Now, why are you trying to kill each other?

Howard: That bastard killed my Gizelda!

Ben: That weakling killed Yola!

Ever: I don't blame eithr one of you for avenging a loved one's death, I in fact would do it in a heart beat... but... You both have commited too many sins to even consider killing someone for this act.

Howard: Sh, shit... shit!

Ben: You're in no position, punk!

Ever: But I very much am, you've killed many not even associated with what Sam did. Even before the last couple of days, you murdered simply because some were "in your way"... And ow, even when your older brother seems to have no idea what you're talking about, you're ready to kill him in a heartbeat..

Ben: Of course he wouldn't know, he's a hopeless moron!


Ever: He DIDN'T kill her, he couldn't have even if he knew you had a girlfriend.. But neither one of you asked what the other was talking about, and was going to engage in battle. For this, you should die...

Ben leaped, but dies immediately...


Ever: He thought he overcame my technique, but there's no way for him to know how fast I truly am...

Howard: Yo, you killed him?!

Ever: Yes. He took many lives, so he loses his.

Scene cuts o Bat and Lia watching!

Bat: Damn!!

Lia: Ben??!

Bat: Shut up! Or he'll kill us, too!

Ever: Both of you commited sins though, so now I'll stop you.

Howard: There's no need..

He droops a little..

Ever: I see something happened...

Howard: I shouldn't of took those bullets from before..

Ever: Ah yes, in your rampage against your friend and the police?

Howard: But it was unfair... Whenever I acted out, I was always blamed for the actions and beaten down... and Ben could do anything.. After a while, I stopped stepping up to anything, there was no reason for it, if I was always doing "wrong"... you understand how I feel, right? I... I only wanted to avenge the only precious thing I had...

Ever: Yes, but by buying into lies, you were changed into somethng you hated and caused self destruction..

Howard: Y, yes... Tell Jesse Im sorry... At least.. maybe I'll see.. Gizeld... a... I..

Ever watches him fall, then suddenly hears

Lia: Beeeen!!!

Bat: St, stop it!

Ever:He was a freind of yours?

Lia: H, he saved my life!

Bat: ...

Ever: While I don't kill innocents, I do kill those who support evil. If you want to avenge him, do it now.

Lia: ...I can't kill..

Bat: I donlt give.. a shit... You proved I was right back then.. The guy gave me a serious injury last time I saw him, and I was thinkin' it was just from anger, he didn't mean it... but now... that was the last thing he did to me...

Bat dies... Lia gasped until Ever says..

Ever: I will take you to a safe place, or you can go yourself. Though, if you  feel you have no place to go to, you can follow me at any time, just as you can challenge me..

Ever leaves the cave... Scene cuts to hours later, ever walks to a tent in a forest...

Ever: Now, I'll just wait unto Jasmine comes...


Ever turns to se one of his brothers...

Ever: It seems I've been found out.. I guess you'd tell everybody where I am?

Profess: No, I'm going to kill you, murderer!

Ever: Come, many have tries without true understanding of my intentions.

Wind suddenly blows by Ever, he turns as he wtatches blood drip off Profess's hand...

Profess: You talk too much, I'm going to kill you.

Ever: You haven't in the first strike,  I have to assume you can't...

He almost draws his blade...

Profess: You punk! At least fight like a man, before you die!

Ever: OK, if it'll help you sleep at night...

He sheathes his blade...

Ever: Bring it..

Profess attacks agina, Ever simply blocks and/or dodges every attack until the teen stops again

Profess: Dammit.. I know who you are, now! Ever!

Ever: You know my name? Then again, seeing you jogs my memory, too... You're one of my 2 brothers... the youngest one: Profess, riht?

Profess: Yeah... stop acting more stupid than you already were! You were nothing before, so you decide to become a serial killer!?

Ever: I don't have any memory of what I was... only thing that stays true, is that all humans must either die or be traumatized in order to get world peace..

Profess: Damn you!
He attacks agian, ever simply turns as he passes him...

profess: You're even slower than before!

Ever: You're really my brother? You seem to be rather nasty...

Profess attacks aain, but ever simply dodges ad trips him...

Ever: No wonder I'm not getting good mememories, the few I have are upsetting.. Though not traumatizing, one would desire much better than you.. Nomatter how good you are at something, putting otheres down because they're not you, is wrong and demeaning in and of...

Profess: SHut up! You don't have any right to spe...

He coughed blood through his nose!!

Profes: Wh, what???!

Ever: You tried to kill me, so now you're dead.

Profes: All you did was...

Ever: Kill you. The moment you came up, you stepped into a trap...

Profes: You didn't vene know what I was going to do, you just admtted you're a murderer!

Ever: No... the trap doesn't work on my only friend... After you became agressive, you started to deacy from the inside...

Profess stabbed himself with his hand... and ripped out puss!

Profes: A rea man can overcome this! I ripped out the deading cells!

Ever: You don't understand, everytime you attacked, you started die faster.. in short, fighting me, killed you.

Profess's body start to contrort and fold up!!

Profes: No, this can't happen... You're weaker! You're lazy! You're stupid!! You;re the idiot! You have nothing, this literally can't happen!

Ever: Yes... the reason it is,is because that's the thought process of nearly every human being on Earth. Even if one denies it, to even look down on another living being.. human or no, is tha same as tis. You're pride as yourself and a man, is what kills you, as it will everybody else...

Ever watches Profess die in a blood puddle... then walks to his tent, until Jasmine ran out of the bushes!

Jasmine: Ever! Where did you go after Howard and Ben? I couldn't find you anywhere..

Ever: I was getting back here, I might've sped up since I didn't have anybody to watch, now...

Jasmine: Geez, you're inhuman.. It's not like you were hidden or anything, your normal speed's THAT fast?

She sighs ad then says

Jasmine: I... I think I foiund someone who wants to join us..

Ever: ? You did?? Let's see them..

Scene cuts to a neighborhood... everybody's at wor, so no one sees the two coming up behind a man working on his car...

Jasmine: There he is, Matt?

He turns around

Matt: Ms Jasmine.. is this him?

Jasmine: Yes, Ever...

Matt stands up

Matt: Sir, I want to thnak you personally for killing Teddy...

Ever: The bill collector?

Matt: Yes... whatever your reason, you murdered someone who was going to throw me and my family out on the streets... i was considering putting th ekids up for adoption if my wife agreed... hell, I was gonna ask her to claim that I hurt her, so she can be on wellfare and get food stamps and junk... I O'm thrown in jail, at least I'd have some place to sleep and eat..

Ever: You were willng to incriminate yourself to save your family and your lives, and in hopes to se them again, too?

Matt: Yes... I thought I had no choice... as you can see, it stressed me out alot...

Ever looks at his wearied face...

Ever: You deserve much for your devotion...

Matt: I... I only want to help people like you have.. After you killed the man, money started piling up: it turns out he was absuing the system exponitially and pulling more money from me and others than what's normally taken... We're actually living peacefully now.. but...

he looks at the ground

Matt: I..feel as f I dn't deserve this happiness, unless I spread it to others... Obviously, giving money away isn't what I want.. I.. I want to save people! I want people to see how great life can be, ifonly we stopped the one's tormenting others!

Ever: Yes.. it seems as if you're like me..

Jasmine: W, wait Matt! What we're doing is dangerous! Ever kills people, alot of them! He even kills when I'm sleeping, I'm not even sure just w many people he's killed and we're partners!

Matt: I don't care... if he's targetting people who ptrays on others, then I wanna help! I... I probably couldn't kill, but finding people like them, should becontinued.. I.. I'll help you target tose monsters!

Ever: If you are going to follow me, then you must be ready to kill when I ask.. On a moment's notice, you must be ready to to not only spy, but kill when needed. If anyone blames you, I WILL PROTECT YOU, do not let your own conscience bother you: upon following me, your sins are mine instead...

Matt: Yes.. I'll follow you. To help people like me, I'd d anything.. let me just talk to my wife, first..

Ever: Good.. you shall save innocent lives, and none can EVER blame you...
Chapter: 3

Scene opens to a rural neighborhood... A African-American man walks to his house as he stared at his phone... Until he sees his daughter..

Otunji: Hey baby girl!

Rashanda: Daddy!!

He frowns and picks her up..

Otunji: What's wrong, Rashanda? You were so happy this mornin'... did something happen at school?

Rashanda: Y, yeah... me and Charley had a fight...

Otunji: It's fine.. best friends fight all the time, it's more important that you make u..

Rashanda: B. but she s, said something, that you said only people that hate you, say..

Otunji: ???

Rashanda: Sh, she called me a "Nigger"!

Otunji: ...I'll go talk to her parents, alright? Go home and talk to mommy, she'll make it better..

Otunji puts her down and she runs to the house a few feet in front of them... he then pulls out his cell..


Otunji: Ai'ght, a'ight, I'll catch him, tomorrow...

Scene cuts to that night, Otunji and his wife eat together...

Otunji: Shit...

Ronda: Otunji, honey, why are you sittin' around?! You need to talk to your friend! Lil' Charley can't be sayin' stuff like that, whether or NOT he or Molly said that word, they have to make sure their daughter DOESN'T SAY IT!

Otunji: I know.. it's just that he's been trying to get ready for his flight for days... the guy's movin' and I don't want him leaving to end on a sour note... damn...

Ronda: I know, but you can't keep ignorin' this! He's nice and crap, but he can't let his baby girl say that and think nothin' of it! And if he has no idea she's sayin' suff like that, then he needs to know! Roshanda didn't even wannaeat because she thinks her best friend hates her!

Otunji: Alright.. I!ll try to bring it up...

Scene cuts to the next morning... Otunji and Mike walks side by side to a plane...

Mike: Thanks again, Otunji! Molly won't help with nothing!

Otunji: Anytime, man!

Mike: Dammit.. I'm gonna miss you, ALOT! Seriously, nobody else's gonna be ready to help get outta half the stuff I get into!

Otunji: Ya gotta stay positive, man! You think good things'll happen and you'll attract them! Hw ya think I'm smilin' all the time?!

Mike: You're right, ...dammit.. This gonna sound wierd, but I'll really miss you..

Ronda and Roshanda come up, too.. They look at Otunji and Mike as they set the luggage on a conveyer belt..

Ronda: Well, we finally got here. Byeee!

Mike: Bye Ronda, Roshanda... I'll miss you guys, too.. Barbecuing isn't gonna be the same without you either..

Ronda: Awwww, we'll miss you guysm too! All our other friends kinda.. well.. they're a little uppity!

Mike: Hahaha! We're not??!

Ronda: Not you and Molly, you guys were like abreath of fresh air!

Mike: Ahh... welp, you did it: I might cry!

Otunji: Aw man, don't be gettin' gay on me!

Mike: I mean it, man! I didn't have alot of friends before.. and now I have to move away from the only ones I have, now..

Charley suddenly runs up to him, Ronda glared as Rowhanda hides behind her leg..

Charley: Daddy! We're about leave!!!

Mike: I know, I know.. daddy's coming...

Ronda elbows Otunji

Ronda: (Tell him!!)

Otunji: Um... Mike... I hate to bring it up now, but.. Rashanda said that Charley.. called her the "N word"...

Mike: (What? Right now?!)

Otunji: (!! Yeah...)

Mike kneels to Charley

Mike: Honey, did you call your best friend the "N word"?

Charley: ...No...

Mike glares at her...

Charley: Yes...

Mike: Don't say that! You can't use that word! Where did you hear it?

Charley: From TV, but I didn't know it's a bad word!

Mike: Well now you do! I DON'T EVER WANT you to say that again, you hear me?

Charley: Yes daddy...

Mike: And apologize to Rashanda, too!

Charley stares at the ground, and turns toward her...

Charley: I'm sorry Rashanda...

Rashanda: ...I forgive you...

Mike: Now hug and make up! I can't believe you two would fight just before we move!

The girls hug as Otunji smiles..

Otunji: See? It's important to be good friends with each other, or you'd never have any!

Mike: Yeah, friends are a very important thing! Don't mistreat them!

Molly runs up to them!

Molly: C'mon Mike, we hafta go, NOW!

Mike: I was just saying goodb...

Molly: You should've said it last night like me and Roshanda, did! 

Roshanda giggles as Molly smiles, Mike laughs

Mike: Alright, we gotta go! Hope we'll see you guys again!

Otunji: Yeah... same to you...

They leave... Mike and his family rush to the plane.. but sees their luggage on a rack.. them along with many others were standing in front of the private jet being closed up..

Pilot9: Sorry, the private flight to Sapphshire is now gone... You must wait for it to return on the 29th..

Mike glares

Mike: Shit..

Chapter:3 part:2
 Scene cuts to the next day, inside the precinct... Mike's sitting in front of Mortise as he says.. 

Mike: ...then I missed our plane! We gotta wait for a month, now!

Mortise: Sorry to hear about that, Mr Connan. I know how hard it is to get a trip with that compnay..

Mike: yeah... they didn't even refund everything we sunk into that trip..

Mortise: That's why I pick commerciale airliner's despite havin' the money for expensive one's too...

He stands up and slowly walks around his desk...

Mortise: I still got here from Jade coast in plenty of time...

Mike: Really?  ...Why were you there, if you don't me asking??

Mortise: For business, I have to juggle stuff there and here...

He then puts his arms behind his back 

Mortise: But, back to the subject.. It's the Hansons' fault that you missed the plane.. if only they weren't racist...

Mike: Wh, what??? They aren't racist, they had every reason to be angry.. Charley shouldn't of said what she did!

Mortise: Yes, of course.. But if they weren't racist, it wouldn't of been something to stop you about and make you mis your trip.

Mike: Mortise, you can't be saying I should be angry for them wanting a apology?

Mortise: No... I'm just saying that real friends wouldn't let something so petty ruin themselves and make life harder for thier friends.. 

Mike: Mortise! I'm not going to sit hear and listen to you talk about my friends that way!

Mortise: I'm not saying anything, it's just that you have done alot for them, and they shouldn't be so mad because because of a passing argument between your daghters..

Mike gets up and glares 

Mike: I'm not going to listen to this! You can insult my friends by yourself, but I'm not going to listen!

Mike leaves as Mortise smirked

Mortise: Good it's already planted... heheheheh...

Scene cuts to that night in the Connan's house... Mike and Molly are sitting at their dinnertable as Molly Says..

Molly: You know, they were mad.. I mean, Otunji and Roshanda LOOKED concerned, but they were actually REALLY mad..

Mike: I know, they stopped us RIGHT when we had to get on that plane!

Molly: I understand why, I just wish they talked to us BEFORE then...

Mike: ...Um, Mortise had theory why..

Molly: A theory why they talked to us?

Mike: It's moreso the time thing... Um, he said they were acting out racially, because of what Charley said..

Molly: !!!

Mike: Damn... I kinda think he's right.. I mean, they didn't say anything until we had to go..

Molly: Of course he's right! Those blacks shouldn't of interrupted, then!

Mike: Molly!! I'm mad... but...

Molly: Come on, Mike! Seriously: IF they were angry, why not immediately tell us about it, and wait until we had to go!?

Mike: Yeah... yea.. those niggers wanted to screw up our trip!!

Molly: Yeah! I can't believe them! C'mon, they were NEVER a inconvenience until just right now!!?

Mike: I'm gonna ask for a apology, at very least!

Scene cuts to the next day... Mike knocks on Otunji's door...

Otunji: Was sup, man!

Mike: Hey!

Otunji: Come in, come in!

Mike walks inside as Otunji explained

Otunji: We been waitin' until you came over, I wante..

Mike:" To apologize for us missing the trip" you were gonna say..

Otunji: ??For our next game night? ...Um..

Mike: Of course, you just shrugged it off...

Otunji: Listen, I know it wassa important thing... I didn't think you'd be m..

Mike: Mad? I'm not really mad, mad... Just disappointed, stuff happened before and we always forgave each other... but this time, a worded apology is necessary: Your daughter ruined our trip..

Otunji: Hold up, Ronda didn't ruin it!

Mike: No she can't... not by herself.. You stopped me for something we could've settled easily, something so stupid.. I want a apology.

Otunji: No, you ain't gettin' one! What the hell do you mean by "something so stupid"??! Charley used a racial slur!?

Mike: So?! It's a word!!! It's not like she made Ronda into a slave!

Otunji: What the hell, man!?? She shouldn't be usin' that word, and don't you fuckin' say shit like that right fucking now!

Mike: I won't, I'll go!

He stomps outside... Otunji glared at him,

Otunji: Damn that fucking cracker!

He stomps back into his home and sees Roshanda running up to him  

Roshanda: What happen?! What's all the yelling about?!

Otunji: That mother fucker, Mike, is actually mad at US for Charley calling OUR BABY a Nigga!

Roshanda: Wh, what??! What are you talkin' about??!

Otunji: He's mad because supposedly: our asking for a apology, made him miss his flight!

Roshanda: What??! That doesn't make any sense, even IF we're to blame: he's actually MAD that he we wanted a apology??!

Otunji: YEAH!! I can't believe that piece of shit!!

Roshanda: Alright wait a minute... Mike and Molly, the Connans are our best friends! Let's just forgi...

Otunji: No... no.. you were right before, honey: Why the hell does Charley even know to say THAT? Why does it bother him THAT much that we wanted a apology?? No... they ain't gettin' away with this...

Otunji stomped out as Roshanda watches in fear... Scene cuts to Mike at his house, later... He's talking to someone else while as they write down something..

Mike: So... yeah.. we wanted to at least have her stuff ready by that time..

Principal: Okay... We went over this before, why.. HOW did you miss your trip?

Mike: The Hansons stopped it... honestly, it was for something we coulda settled over a text or something... but noooo...

Principal: ...Hansons... You nmean Otunji and... Lashanda or something? Those two?

Mike: ...Roshanda you mean, and yeah.. those two... Charley called their daughter: Ronda the "N word" and they stopped us just on the cusps of of us missing our flight. The worst part is: we were late, and they knew it, beacuse Otunji had to help me get the luggage there and... dammit...

Principal: They made you miss a expensive trip all because Charley said "Nigger"?

Mike: ...I try not to...

Princiapl: Forget it, um... Mr Connan... I'll let the schoolboard know, in case they ruin your  second attempt...

He leaves... Mike sighs until he gets a knock at the door.. He gets up to see Otunji there, he opens it..

Mike: WHat?!

Otunji: "What"?? You're tryna run away from the shit YOU and your daughter started!

Mike: I'm not going over this again: you ruined everything b complaining about something SO small!

Otunji: WHat the hell's wrong with you!!? SInce when you start actin' like a asshole!!?

Mike: Me!!!? You're the one who made miss my trip, then start yelling at me when I ask for a apology! Hell, you even chased me to my house!

Otunji: Because I DESERVE A APOLOGY!! You're the on'es who taught your daughter how to say Nigga!!!

Mike: I diddn't teach her that, she mighta learned it because your Ronda w...

Molly suddenly comes up 

Molly: Otunji... What're you doing here?!

Otunji: Lookin' for a apology, and gettin' ready to see what your stupidass husband was gonna say!

Mike: Forget it, you idiot! You can't even see what you've done wrong!


Molly: Get outta MY HUSBAND'S FACE!

Mike: Wait Molly: Don't fight my battles for me! I'm gonna tell him EXACTLY what I think of in, Roshanda and his black daughter! Charley called her a igger, beacuse she acts like one!

He slams the door as Otunji starts beating it!!

Otunji: Open this goddamned door YOU STUPID PALE-ASS MOTHA FUCKA!!!!

He roared and stomped away... The scene cuts to days later... Otunji returns home from work..

Otunji: Maybe I should try to talk to Mike again? I haven't seen that cracker in a week... If I didn't push shit, then this wouldn't of...

He notices someone waiting at his house... 

Otunji: ...Who are you?

Sherman: One of the superior race!

He whips out a gun, Otunji whips one out faster and shoots!!! The man falls..

Otunji: D, dammit... I'm so glad I took lessons...

He walks to the man and notices...

Otunji: He, hey... why ain't he screamin' and shit? That COULDN'T be a direct hit, right?

Otunji looks at his chest: he shot him straight in the heart!!!

Otunji: Fu... fuck!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!

He looks around and ran up to his home, and knocks on the door.. 

Otunji: Roshanda!! Ge, get out here, hurry!!

She opens the door 

Roshanda: What the hell, man? Y...

He snatched her to the body...

Roshanda: Oh my god!! What the fuck happened??

Otunji: This crazy ass cracker was waitin' to shoot me, but I got my gun out faster and shit... I meant to just hit his wrist and crap but...

Roshanda kneels close to the man...

Roshanda: Who the hell would... wait.. I know this motha fucker..

Otunji: Wh, who is it?

Roshanda: It's Sherman... one of Ronda's teachers...

Otunji: Wh, why the hell woul dhe...

Roshanda: I don't know, but we ain't about to get in no trouble for you prtoctin' yoself..

She stands ert

Roshanda: let's get this outta here before someebody elese returns home...

Otunji: Ai'ght lemme get a shovel...

Scene cuts to Otunji pushing the body with a shovel, then burryng him in their backyard... Then Scene cuts to to the next morning with Mike walking to the Hansens house... he then noticed another african-american family going in there... Meanwhile, Otunji greets their friends

Otunji: Johnson, Laquisha... come on in...

Johnson: What's up, man?

Laquisha: Yeah.. you usually don't talk to us, let alone beg us to come over??

Otunji: SHit's been going down, like for reals... um...

Mike comes up..

Mike: Otunji, can we talk??

Otunji: No man, I don't want you anywhere near my wife and kid.

Mike: C'mon, Otunji!! Let's talk, we're suppose to be frie...

Otunji: We're not friends, not with fuckin' bigots!

Mike: ...You...

Johnson: Hey man, he said to get away from his house...

Laquisha: Yeah... what's wrong with you?

Mike... damn niggers...

He says under his breath as he walks away... Johnson walks in with Otuji as she leaves...

Johnson: What's wrong, man? Does it have anything to do with that?

Otunji: N, no man... that was a thing, but not what I'm talking about right now...

Johnson: Otunji?? What the fuck happened? You look pale.. wiat..

He looks around 

Johnson: Where's Laquisha?

Scene cuts to outside, Mike walks back home, until Laquisha walks up behind him

Laquisha : Hey!

Mike turns around 

Mike: What??! I'm going!

Laquisha: Not with a attitude!  What the hell was that!?

Mike: Waht!!!/ Me leaving???

Laquisha: You know damn well waht I mean, cracker: You said "Nigger", didn't you??!

Mike: No I didnt, get away from me! I'm not racist like, you...

He turns to leave, when Laquisha suddenly snatched him back around and shouted 

Laquisha: Yes you did! I heard your white ass, don't you be actin' like you ain't said shit!!

Mike: Get the hell away from me!!! If you weren't so crazy nobody would've said anything!

Laquisha: What the hell does that mean!!?

She gestured in anger, Mike frwned

Mike: (She's gonna...)

He quickly pulls out a gun and shoots!!! Laquisha falls over right away.. Mike stard in shock as she convulses..

Mike: What the hell did I do??? I.. I gotta hide this: Peopel already started acting crazy over this thing, if they found out I shot her... even IF she's still alive...

Mike quickly drags her away... Scene cuts to him dropping her in a dumpster... Scene cuts to that night: Mike  stared at his dinner until Molly finishes her food...

Molly: ...Mike? What's wrong? You have't touched your food all night...

Mike: I... I was waiting to make sure Charley was aslweep... um...

He looks away...

Mike: I... I think I killed someone...

Molly: What??! WHta do you mean??!

Mike: Um... Otunji was having some friends over... and I wanted to talk to him real quick... he wouldn't listen.. I said "nigger" again... and...

Molly awed as he finished 

Mike: The woman followed me down the sidewalk, and she angry... I thought she had a gun or something, so... I... I shot first...

Molly: You didn't check her??

Mike: No.. I didin't... I, I, I, I was too afraid... Should I go to the police??? I mean I...

Molly: No! Especially with the stuff people are saying at the school and work... ...Let's go.

She stands up... Mike watches her..

Mike:Where are we going??

Molly: To hide the body. Burrying or throwing it away wouldn't work: It's almost midnight: we'll wait until then and you show me where it is...

Scene cuts to midnight... The couple are standing inf ront of a dumpster...

Mike: Nobody sees us, right??

Molly: No, everyboy's usually alseep by now... Now hurry up...

Mike opens the dumpster, revealing Laquisha staring into the sky...

Molly: Good, she bled out...

Mike: Good??

Molly: She won't be able to tell anyone, come on, we're taking her to the dump.
Mike lifts the body out and they walk away.. Scene cuts to Mike burying her under the trash..

Mike: You sure about this??

Molly: Yeah, nobody's gonna be able to see her in this! And when she rots, nobody's gonna be able to tell the difference between her and the garbage, now hurry up! Nobody can see us here, either!!

They leave the dump...

Chapter:3 Part:3

Scene opens to the next day, Otunji coming to a knock at his door, he opens it to see Mortise!

Otunji: W, what're you doing here?

Mortise: I jus' came to answer a complaint about a horrifc smell coming from this place..

Otunji: H, hey! If you're..

Mortise brushed him aside and walks in...

Mortise: It's not a racist thing, there's a smell of something dead coming from this yard. Unless you're saying you and your family smells of cadaver...

Otunji follows him outside into his backyard...

Otunji: Wh, what makes y, you so sure it's coming from...

Mortise: Mr Hanson, you don't have any pets or anything like that, do you? If you did, they STILL shouldn't smell THIS bad...

He kneels by a patch in the backyard...

Mortise: Animals are normally small things, but people should be burried 6ft under to keep from stinkin'. Yet, it seems you only have "something" burried here as if you did in a haste, and couldn't afford to realize that even if the grass is the same height as the natural grass..

He rips off the outdoor carpeting

Mortise: Anyone can easily tell the difference, and looky here..

Fresh dirt's exposed from under the carpeting! Roshanda suddenly yells

Roshanda: Stop! Get out of here or I'll..

Many deputys suddenly come up, all aiming their guns at her and Otunji!

Mortise: Mrs Hanson, you don't REALLY think I came here alone did you? And thanks for bringing the possible murder weapon.. You're both under arrest.

Scene cuts to Otunji and Roshanda tied to chairs in the precinct..

Mortise: Well, well: Hansons. Looks like you shot a man in cold blood... Can't say I'm surprised..

Otunji: I...

Roshanda: You don't have to say nothin'!!!

Mortise: Of course not, you got the right to remain silent, while we corner you..

He turns to hs deputys

Mortise: Now, Kyiv, you go look for more evidence, thogh I think we got this wrapped up. Thomas, you go check with the victim's family to see everythin' falls into place. Mark, you go and pick up Ronda from that birthday party: she gonna need to be put up for adoption soon.. And Lucas, you leave town..

Lucas: What!!? I thought you needed me here?!

Mortise: You're one of new men, and things are gonna get too murky, too soon: I'm goin' to look into another murder case right now..

Kyiv stomps to Otunji

Kyiv: You stupidass mother fucker!!! What did ya think you could kill a one of us and everything's gonna turn up roses?! You dumbassed stupid nigger!!!

Matt walks to him..

Matt: Calm down, we're not sure IF he shot him, and even then WHY he did...

Mortise: He's right, Kyiv. And Matt... You go check the crime scene again, too.. just in caee Otunji DID kill him and his "friends" are trying to cover up for him..

The deputys leave the station... Roshada screamed

Roshanda: You idiots better not hurt my baby!

Mortise: Don't worry, she's in good hands! Plus, she'll be treated REAL nice like: she ain't a killer and abetter like her parents...

Scene cuts to later, at the dump... Mortise and the sanitation engineer stands over a body..

SanitationEngineer: I, I saw her this morinin' before I could put it in the grinder...

Mortise: Good, thanks for your good eye. We'll be sending you a check, later..

The sanitationEngineer left, Mortise then kneels to the body..

Mortise: And this here's Laquisha... from the smell of it.. also.. My clairvoyance shows me that Mr.. Connan did it.. Heheheheh, that means everythin's happening as planned. I just need to let them autopsy idiots find out themselves, while I bring them murderers, here!

Scene cuts to later in the precinct, Otunji and Roshanda are behind bars, while Mortise drags in Mike and Molly in handcuffs!

Mike: W, we didn't do it!!!

Molly: You have no evidence againat us!

Mortise: Your husband was with Laquisha last, we have eyewitnesses, AND the bullet in her body, comes from your gun. There's enough evidence piled against you, even before we find reason for murder.

He puts them in a cell... Otunji then says..

Otunji: Y, you killed Laquisha!!?

Mike: Shut up, Otunji! You killed, too!

Otunji: No I didn't, I...

Mortise: You both proved you committed murder, lucky you couldn't hold your tongues.

He turns to leave...

Mortise: I'm surprised at you, then again: you both were such good friends before, if one goes racist, why not follow suit?

They glare at him, until Thomas and Kyiv come in beside him...

Mortise: Found the others, do whatever until it's time for trial...

Kyiv: The Connans!!?

Thomas: So THAT's what happened?

Mortise: For sure, and they got everybody in a tizzy, too!

He leaves as Kyiv walks to the Connans' cell..

Kyiv: I can't believe you guys... people respected you.. Some were racist, but the one's who weren't...

Thomas: Yeah.. I mean, You guys were like decent.. You didn't care about what was happenin' here, and now..

Mike: Dammit, you kids don't know what you're talkin' about!

Otunji: Yo, wait... Mike... we WERE still friends, why...

Mike: Shut up, you idiot! It's over! You shot a good friend of ours! And for what?! Was it because he's white like me?! You couldn't ge up the nerve to shoot me or Molly, so you shot him instead?!

Otunji: He triedto kill me!!!

Thomas: ???Mr Hanson?

Kyiv: A school teacher???!

He almost stomped to his cell, when Molly says 

Molly: Mike, we need to get outta here.. Charley needs us!!

Mike: But if we...

Molly: I DONT CARE about the money, we have enough...

Mike: ...Deputy...

Kyiv: What?!

Mike: Could we speak in private? Cuff me, watch me, anything.. But it's important...

Kyiv takes Mike out, Thomas follows them into another room witha gun.. Scene cuts to hours later... in the school... A group of teachers sit around in a teacher's lounge...

Teacher7: Things have gotten dangerous lately..

Teacher4: It's because of Otunji and his lil' team..

Teacher5: Yeah, ever since they "heard" Charley say "nigger" they got freaking crazy!

Teacher6: Are we REALLY gonna stand here and watch?!

Teacher:5 What else can we do?! If you even say THAT word, everybody goes crazy!!

Teacher3: Then we take it to them, we can't let them hurt whites and get away with it...

He noticed a african-american kid still in the halls..

Teacher3: We'll use that one as a example..

Teacher9: Um, uh.. wait a minute...

Teacher3: Um uH, nothing! You can there if you want, but if you ain't with me, don't say nothing, later!

He gets up and grabs the child... Scene cuts to later, back at the precinct, Otunji and Roshanda are awoken by a clanging sound! They both see Johnson sawing and beating the bars!!

Otunji: Johnson!!!?

Johnson: Yeah! I'm bustin' you outta here!!

Otunji: Wh,what!!? Stop it, man! If you do, we gonna look even...

Johnson: Who gives a shit?! Did you see what happened?!

Roshanda: Wh, what?!

Otunji: They just left us hear, we fell asleep!

Johnson: This gon' wake you up! Your goddamned friends, the Conners, killed MY WIFE, right? And get this: they're FREE now!

Otunji and Roshanda look at each other, then back at him as he adds

Johnson: Lookat the fuckin' news, too! Them crazy ass crackas killed a kid, too!

Otunji and Roshanda step out, upon the bars snapping!!! Johnson shows them hes cell, a pictore of a black child hung on a cross can be seen

Otunji: What the fuck!!?

Johnson: We need to get the fuck outta here!

Otunji: A'ight man...

They follow the angered widower out... Scene cuts to many News Reports of murders and rape, until it cuts to a church... Mike sat in the back as the funeral service goes on.. he cries softly, until Jasmine comes..

Jasmine: Mr Connan?

Mike: Wha?? Wh, what is it?

Jasmine: I'm sorry to bother you, but I was hired to see people's sides of this for my station, would you care to comment?

Mike: I... I don't feel like it... But..

He stands...

Mike: I'll try, I... I wanna at least get this off my chest..

Jasmine: That's good, but if you don't feel up to it..

Mike: No, nooo.. I should get it out...

Jasmine: Wait, where's Mrs Connan?

Mike: She's out at a protest, she hasn't shot anyone, so she's a little more calm.. or excited about this..

Jasmine: I meant to ask about that, too.. And about her abetting in the crime?

Mike: I'll explain that.. I.. I was raised to, to respect evrry race of people.. but after moving here.. and seeing what other people thought.. I guess, I bought into their mentality by now.. Molly's worse off, though: her parents were killed by a ni... I mean a black person, so.. she has some hidden hatred towards them, until we met the Hansons.. But now... now...

Jasmine: Did she lead you to kill Mrs Mak Laquisha?

Mike: No, noo.. she didn't.. she.. well everybody knows by now.. She helped me try to hide the body, but Dammit, dammit, dammit...

Jasmine: ??You have regrets, Mr Connan?

Mike: O, of cours.. I mean, I never meant for this to happen, I thought Laquisha had a gun, because my racist friends got me paranoid! Damn Mortise and the fucking... sorry, ...the techers at the school, even my coworkers are all racist. I got scared and shot her, before she could do anything...

Jasmine: So, it was a mistake? What about Mr and Mrs Hanson? Do you hate them, too?

Mike: N... no... I... I want to talk.. but everytime I see him, he gets so pissed off.. I... I can't talk to him.. I can't explain what happened.. I can't even..

Jasmine: What about what happened in the jail? There's rumors that you don't think you should serve your sentence, in spite of commiting murder and possibly inciting this..

Mike: I... We... Molly said we should get out to keep Charley safe.. our daughter would have a hard time if she was without her parents, now... W, we had to..

He looked away and suddenly scooted past her..

Mike: E, excuse me...

Scene cuts to more reports until, one shows that a protest was going on.. Scene now cuts to a crowd of blacks parading down a neighborhood street!

African-American4: C'mon, we gotta settle this love and peace!

African-American3: Nigga, this ain't gon' svave nobody, we gotta take fucking action!

African-American8: Yeah, we need to take part of the fight if we gon' save anyone! Wha if they hang someone else?!

African-American4: Then what would be if we do the same damn thing?! Just fucking chill, motha..

Thomas: Fuckers???

They turn to see the deputy standing in the road..

African-American4: Don't say nothin' you agreeing with them fucks at the police office!

Thomas: I'm agreeng to no one! I'm doin' what's right! Killing people and unlawfully assembling ain't saving nobody!

African-American6: Shut up, zebra! We havva right to do this!

Thomas: No you don't, you all know GOOD and DAMN well there's something wrong with everylast one of you! This many niggas in one place could only mean some, if not all you have some kinda shit up your sleeve!

African-American5: You're just like 'em, you fuck! Get outta the way!

Kyiv calls him on his walkie-talkie..

Kyiv: I see you on GPS, don't  waste your time or they'll kill you! You can see it, right? Most of them got weapons...

Thomas: Yeah, then.. one last warning..

Thomas shuts off his walkie-talkie and says

Thomas: Last warning, go back home, you're blocking the road ways, go back home!

African-American4: We have every right to be here! And if you had your damn head on right, you'd know that!!

Thomas smirked as he raised his gun... Many other African-Americans start shooting!!! The one in front yells

African-American4: Stop STOP IT!!! WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YALL!!? Why did you come if you gon' be tha damn stupid!!

African-American7: He wasgon shoot yo' stupid ass!!! What's wrong w...

His head exploded, everybdoy turns to see the smoke clearing... Thomas drops several bullets onto the ground...

Thomas: Still stings, but alot less than it would if I didn't get that power-up..

They all stare in terror until Thomas raised his gun again..

Thomas: Now, as I said, this is unlawful assembly, you WILL disperse, now.

Thomas fires a tentacle that quickly tears through the crowd, killing and injuring everybody in mere seconds! He then puts his gun back in it's holster..

Thomas: I finished crowd control, send a medic to to help the injured..

Scene cuts to more news reports, until another day... Scene cuts to Kyiv watching a group of white protestors marching up a street!

White-man4: Come one! White lives matter! We shouldn't be held accountable for what happened years ago, stop killing us!

White-man9: Come on, is it right that they live and WE die?! What happened to equality?! It's not that if blacks start killing us for nothing!

Kyiv steps in the middle of the road, stopping the parade..

Kyiv: Your having a unlawful assembly, cease and desist..

White-man4: No! We have rights, too! If black people get to do this, then we can, certainly!

Kyiv: No,we had many cases of both races killing raping and assembling in areas needed for public use, of you want start a club fro hating people, go to your home or build a treehouse...

White-man3: What the hell's wrong with you?! What you're doing is, making Blacks think they SHOULD do whatever they want! If we keep coddling them, then they eventually become worse than what they have about us in the history books!

Kyiv: Something's wrong with you.. can't you see this is wrong??? "White lives matter"? All life does, I get pissed at both sides for pulling this bullshit!

White-man9: You're being hypocritical, and stupid! If all lives really matter, then why do Blacks get to say and do whatever they want, and we uave to take t! Even our kids are so disappointed in themselves that they hand themselves for a bunch of black people that'll kill them in a heartbeat!

Kyiv: Too true.. too true.. I'm racist, too. I hate blacks to the core, especially now. Though, working with Thomas and seeing this has shown me something: I don't think i'm truly racist: I just hate what black people do... Like I hate what you're doing, so...

He raises his gun, many whites whip out there's!

White-man2: PUT THE GUN, DOWN!!!

Kyiv: Make me!

They all shoot wildly, the smoke clears to reveal Kyivstill holding hos gun in the same position...

Kyiv: Sheriff Mortise was right, I didn't think I'd be able to shoot all those bullets so easily, but...

The others look horrified until he pulls the trigger at his left hand... he blasts off and reveals extremely long claws, he suddenly sawed through the crowd, killing and maiming many..

Kyiv: Thomas, would you bring the ambulance here, too? I had to use my abilities, this time...

Scene cuts to more reports of murder, rape and protests, until... one day, in the school...

Teacher6: Them goddamned niggers been going too far!

Teacher3: Yeah, wht the fuck's wrong with THEM??! They're allowed tostay here, it's a privilage!

Redneck5: Yeah, why the hell do they think they belong here!!?

Teacher6: Let's go! I'm tired of talkin' about it!

Mike: W, wait! Guys... this meeting was called to make things better: shouldn't we try to make peace with..

A man jerked him off his seat, every white man and woman looks at the two..
Teacher6: WHat the hell's wrong with ya, Mike!!? ARe ya sayin' you STILL prefer them over your own kind?!

Mike: Stop it, alright!? I'm just saying we;'re going to get more people killed if this keeps on!

Teacher6: No we ain't! We're gonna end them now!

He throws him down as another man stands next to him...

Redneck4: Listen, our kids, our people, ...they hate themselves because of them niggers!  Ya know how many kids out there aothe themselves or even commit suicide because they think they're eveil for bein' white??!

Teacher6: Yeah! This' fucked straight up! We ain't trash, they are! Nobody actually wants those lazy pieces of smelly shits around! It's just a thing we're forced to accept thanks to "everybody being equal", when we know good and damn well they're all trash!

Redneck8: YEah! Let's get outta here!

Teacher5: Come one! This things pissin' me off more and more by the minute!

The group starts cramming towards the gym door.. when a group of black people starts coming in... 

Man8: The fuck??!

Teacher6: What the hell are you niggers doin' in here?!

Man5: We came to honor one of our kids, that YOU murdered!

Teacher3:We're hear plannin' to avenge one of our kids, too!

Otunji: We're here for the same thing, then?

Redneack6: No we ain't...

They all pull out guns, the black parade pulls out weapons, too...

Man5: Heheh, you came prpeared, huh?

Teacher5: You did, too! Those look like funny candles and shit for a funeral!

Man8: Fuck you!

Everybody's guns Click... until Ever walks in between the two groups... Both stare in awe as he says

Ever: Everybody thinks they're better than others, when people belive this, they see their fellow man as less and less. Even to the point, when only your own existence seems the most important. But they stop seeing others as human beings... At this point they "tolerate" and/or "patronize" their "friends" and "family" until they get their chance to expose how they feel, how they really think someone who's human like them, should be treated.

Man5: Who the hell are you??!

Teacher7: Get the fuck out of here, damned nigger!

Ever: I'm someone who knows what's happened to this town in a few weeks,how you all judged and decided that people should suffer and be under your foot, because they're not you..

A teacher aims at Ever and fires, Ever caught the bullet and throws back through his head. The other whites stare in shock... until Ever says

Ever: You won't kill anyone until I see wwhere you all truly stand, I say this as waring for yourself, rather than as simply a threat or "promise": wait until I learn what you're doing and why...

AfricanAmerican4: Listen, these mother fuckers think they can treat people like a piece of shit and get away with it! It's the future! We ain't gonna be stepped on no more!

Redneck6: Don't leisten to that shit! These crazy ass racist pieces of crap killed alotta us in the name of whatever jungle voodoo shit they do!

AfricanAmerican3: Hey! You fuckin' white trash!  You th' one who started killimg FUCKING KIDS!! What the hell's wrong with you!!?

Redneck3: You don't talk to me like that, boy!

AfricanAmerican8: Don't you open your fucking...

Ever: I won't try to quiet anyone down, neither will I but in again: You all deserve to die, There's no reason to try letting you plead your case..

AfricanAmerican6: Nahh, I ain't listen to that! You wanna them zebras! Why the fuck are you siden' with them!!?

Redneck5: We don't need your goddamned help, nigger!

Ever: I'm not with either side... I'm explaining you're hypocrisy and vile actions... Yes, things happened before... Whites have enslaved Blacks and treated them horribly. And yet, Blacks have used their little power to kill both Whites and themselves. Whatever you don't kill, you've mistreated horribly and became as bad as them in different ways. In this case: both sides have commited murder and treated others like trash, both have done the same thing here and in the past. The biggest difference is that Blacks didn't have the power to destroy until as of late... now they're just as horrific as the Whites.

AfricanAmerican8: Damn you!!!

Redneck8: We did what we should've then! What's the problem??! HA!!

Ever: Treating another human being this way, is wrong.. and the reasons apparent and all around us, now. In the end, bpth have done wrong and spreda their hatred to the next generation. There was a point where people stopped racism and truly wanted to be together. But the "value" and "power" in sheer hatred, has lead to both oral and written records of ths to be passed on to bothe Black and Whites. Grandparents remain racists and parents still remember how they were treated. Instead of getting their child to live differently, they pass on their hatred to them and grows through every generation and hate is born anew and continues, up to the point where the slightest push could cause this in no time...

Redneck8: After the shit those niggers did, we need to warn our kids!

AfricanAmerican9: We outta be sayin' that, you shit!

Teacher8: We did that because we reign supreme! We're perfect! And all you niggers, know it! No matter what we do, it's never on the same scale! We're abve you ftom our what we do to our very skin color!

AfricanAmerican4: No! That's the exact same bullshit that gets your ass shot! We're better than you in everything! As SOON as we got our chance, we excelled FAR passed you devils! You just don't want to admi...

Ever: All human beings are individuals who have potential to become strong, powerful and intelligent peiople. Unfortunately, this happens... and now you're worth less that a pile of animal dung..

Both sides angrily ready their weapons...

Ever: You also have a preprogrammed hivemindset: if both of you think that a adult White male is the symbol of power that should be destroyed. Then...

Ever closes his eyes, and grows long beautiful blonde hair, and volupscious body...Everubody freaked as he then says in a softer, feminine voice

Ever: should be killed by the very thing you tormented, the thing you despise...

He turns black, again... then into a small white girl...

Ever: Or should I kill you as something everybody loves? White's obviously do, Black's do to, there's many Black men and lesbians who come after them...

Ever then turns into a small black girl with heterochromia... her skin then turns mixed...

Ever: Or should I turn into something you all hate? There's no one who seems to like mixed people, whetehr they simply talk about them, or straight up torment them..

Everybody still stares in awe until he finishes 

Ever: This is your last chance, if you were simply caught up in this, leave now. I'll kill everybody here, every racist will die.

Mike grabs Charley and runs with 2 other Whites, meanwhile: Otunji grbas Ronda... he looks for Roshanda.. but eventually leaves with 2 other Blacks...

Ever: Then the rest of you believe you're right? Whether you can kill me or you truly believe you're right for thinking you're superior. You're willing to dtand by this "fact" and prove it right. Or [probably you think you're right and have nothing to prove? Irregradless, you'll all die.

Ever quickly whips out two guuns, both sides immediately starts shooting!!! Ever flops like paper and he continues firing, killing many peple... A redneck throws a gernade at Evr, the explosion destroys that section of the building... the smoke starts clearing slowly... ut gunfire comes out before time!!! 

Teacher6: WH, what the?? Them ba...

he's shot in the face

AfricanAmerican4: Them cracka don't know when t...

HE's shot in the eyes, the smoke clears to reveal Ever still shooting, bout with many more guns in his cargopants, both sides are horrified by the still alive teen and still try shooting him, until he suddenly shoots a gernade in midair! This kills many of the Whites, and Ever rush into the crowd of blBlaclks, firing and getting diffrent guns! Many die, until one pulls out a gernade, too! Ever shoots it, killing many more, the smoke clears to reveal a few running under the smoke... Ever pulls out his blade... a long tendrail with nails slides out and stabs them through... then restracts...

Ever: Now every racist in town is gone... I had no choice but to murder some of the deputies, too... They had serious law/moral problems...

He walks into the lakes of blood...

Ever: I wonder if I should find Jasmine and Matt with a homephone? Then again, they know I was doing this today: I could just use one of the unbroken cells here and toss it afterwrads.. Then find "that sheriff"...

Scene cuts to later at the precinct..

Mortise: Them idiots should be dead by now, time to..

Ever walks into the room...

Ever: Go to hell.

Mortise: What? Shouldn't you be out there defendi' your people?!

Ever: I'm someone who's watched you since back in New Jersey... I know what you've done.

Mortise: Haha, so what, punk? What could you do about it?

Ever: Destroy the one who sows discord among people, they shouldn't of been evil enough to give in, yet, this is a blatant sin in the Bible and a well known and hated behaviour.

Mortise: It's none of your business.. besides..

Mortise sits back and kicks his feet up on his desk..

Mortise: I'm saving the worl, me and you are more alike than we wanna be, boy.

Ever: Really, we are?

Mortise: Yeah, I got powers too, from the lord, and now I can alter this damned earth as I want. Who needs the lower lifes, when we can destroy the mortals and only the powerful live?

Ever: I agree with you on destruction: Humans are vile and disgusting. Them even banding together is hypocritical, so is there helping eachotjer. For it's all for whatevers in their favor... But you, you caused destruction and hate instead of simply stopping it. That's wy you're going to hell..

Mortise: If there's someone who can send me there, bring him out. I'm SURE as hell know it ain't you.

Ever takes out his sword, Mortise quickly jumps over the shockwave that splits the desk and his chair in half from Ever's draw!

Mortise: I knew you'd do something ike that!

He swung down at the teen, Ever dodged and a counters. Mortise moves to fast and fires a spell at him, Ever deflects it and backflips away! Mortise tries to chop him with his hand again, but Ever dodges and holds his sword to him...

Mortise: It seems like you can't do nothin' more than swing that sword around like a wiener.. You're no diffwrent than the mortals, 'cept you a lil' faster. I'm gonna end this quick like: If you can't command magical and scientific elemets, then you're noting compared to me and the others.

He fires his gun into the ceiling, many blades fly out and start to circle and inclose on them.

Ever: I've killed your deputies, they weren't "immortal" like us?

Mortise: No, they got their power from me. I expected them idiots, to die!

He swung, Ever counters.... The blades grew closer, causing Ever to leap away, as they tear at his clothes! Ever then lands close to a wall, Mortise fires another deadly spell, causig Ever to backflip away, Mortise then laughed as he watched the backfli, Ever did two, but the second one's in place to avoid the wall of blades, so Mortise charged him and tries to cut off his head... but doesn't Ever... He then turns behind him as the wall of blades disappears...

Mortise: What th hell?!

Ever: You tried to behead me, n a  quick, and "smart" finishing move. So you lost.

He walks away as Mortise shouted

Mortise: What do you mean?! Hahahaha! I'm still standing, boy!

Ever: Whenever  humans think they're more "intelligent" than others, they tend to turn everything into a game of "wits". They further ver analyze things that are of simple to innocent nature. In these mindsets, nothing's simply s it seems, and "learning" means invading in both fellow humans and nature's privacy, as well as looking down on others. It's seems impossible for a himan to "learn" without seeing someone who doesn't know what they do, as lesser. This "knowledge" is what kills many, and is invasive to many innocent people. It' also this "intelligence" that causes overconfidence and causes one to fail. For believing you'd win in any challenge ensures your loss. There's 50/50 chance of of losing in everything, and it increases when you think you'd win, or are "intelligent". In this case, you'd only win against people who truly do not care abut what's happening or those who believe they'd lose. You'd lonly and always ose to those who do not look down on the challenger, otherwise: there's a even chance you'd win against those who don't care, or have your mindset, blunty, you win by pure luck. The only time you win is via this or one mentally stepping away and baking down, but you never truly win with "intelligence" or confidence. That's why, you're stuck thre: You belived you could win when I half-flipped, and assumed my intelligence was lower because of my decisions, you never expect that I would run for my life, not believing I'm immortal as you do.

Ever walks away... Mortise scoffed

Mortise: I almost went ta sleep from all that bullshit! The main thing is, you're downplayng smarts like it's a sin! That's what idiots do! By your logic, you think ya all so smart, too! That's why you'll die, now!

Ever: In all truth, it's the reason all your tendons and are magically and physically torn. You can't move from that spot, since you mostly indirectly killed others in a try to "save the world". I left you as that instead of killing you, so you'll die if you try to move and sow more discord. And in this case, I could only do this because you believe you're more "intelligent" than others. You never thought you'd miss the shot, an even then, "intelligence" would let you "see" where I would land, but still would've resulted in your deat, because you are overconfident. You lose because of your narcissistic faith in your own "knowledge" and "brainpower", I had no confidence in my winning this, this is why I moved as fast as I did, and why you're nearly dead.

Mortise angrily stepped, then dies as he fell into a pile of bloody, broken bone pieces... Ever goes outside...

Ever: Now time to meet my partners, they seemed excited about something...
Chapter:4 Part:4

Scene cuts to Mark fishing in a lush green, remote area...